Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Finally, our results were declared yesterday. I stood first in class! And I am so happy. By standing first, I have got all the things that I had wanted. Firstly, I could make my parents and other close family members happy. Then, I got a CD of Harry Potter-1 from Mammam, an audio-cassette of the hindi film “Fanaa” from Bonu, while Baba’s gift is still pending( which will most probably be a book). Thirdly, by standing first two times in a row (last year, in the annual examination, I stood first), certain people of my school will, hopefully, think of me as a more able student. My toughest competitor, Krishanu, has been standing first in all the examinations, whether terminal, unit or final, since class three. I was second most of the times. But last year, I finally broke his record and stood first. Firstly, people thought that there had been a mistake. How can Krishanu stand second? It has to be the eighth wonder of the world. Slowly, of course, they accepted the fact that Krishanu had stood second. But they still believed that Krishanu, and only Krishanu, had the ability to stand first and no one else. Before that, whenever I had stood second, it had been for the difference of a few marks. These people, whom I do not wish to name, never thought much of me. I did not want them to think either. But I felt very bad when they refused that I had stood first on the basis of pure merit. I, in fact, had an open quarrel with one of them on this subject. So, I had to prove myself this time. And since, I have been successful, let’s hope they’ll acknowledge my abilities also. I personally feel that Krishanu has every ability to stand first. He is one of the best students of our batch. But sometimes, I feel sad when some people don’t think highly of me also.


Woodsmoke said...

You have certainly made all of us very very happy again.
And the gifts you have got as a result of your fabulous result are indeed well deserved.

All your life the more successful you become the more detractors and critics you will have. The less you bother with them the more angry they will become because all that they want from you is your attention and time. Ignore them and you will win the battle against them.
Take care and have fun.
The number of people who love you far outnumber your critics.

Butterfly said...

@ Woodsmoke
Thank you! You've made me really happy.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Woodsmoke here.

I'll tell you a little story. In 3rd standard, I stood first and my best friend stood second. We were both happy. But in the 4th standard, a very bright girl joined my school and was in my class. So that year she stood 1st, I was 2nd. There used to be no 3rd. When 5th began, our sections got shuffled and my best friend and I got separated. But she refused to talk to me even during the lunch break. I was obviously hurt and did not know why she was behaving that way. But later I found out that she'd said to someone that she didn't talk to me because she didn't like the fact that I managed to get a rank in 4th and she didn't.

She was jealous. And this is how a lot of people will behave everytime you succeed in anything. So really, you should not bother much about your other classmates. Just work hard and silently prove them wrong.

Take care.

Butterfly said...

Well, Thank U for this excellent comment. I'm sorry for being so late in replying.
But, thanks all the same. And, do keep visiting my blog.:-)