Sunday, February 28, 2010

My birthday

Different people celebrate their birthdays in different ways. Some like to go out with friends and have a blast while others prefer to stay at home and have a quiet celebration with their families. Some enjoy the surprise parties thrown by their families. But, I celebrate my birthday by sitting for exams!

Yes, I really was born at a peculiar time of the year--the time when all sorts of school exams are held all over the country. The result is that every year, I end up celebrating my birthday by sitting for the day's exam and preparing for the next day's one. When I was in the fifth or sixth standard, I used to feel very disgusted. I would see my friends lavishly celebrating their birthdays while I would find myself in mid-ocean on a day which is supposed to be the best day of the year for any person. I would envy them at times. But, gradually, I realized that my birthday is special just the way it is. If it really is the best day of the year, its good for an exam to be held on that day. Then, there are more chances of being luckier.

This time, my birthday on 3rd March is bigger than ever. That's because, this year, my twelfth standard board exams begin on that very day....the day I turn 18! I just hope that I begin adulthood by writing one of the best papers I have ever written. That is how I want to celebrate my the sense of joy, satisfaction and relief that I'll earn by writing the first paper of the most crucial exam of my life till date.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My name is Sengupta and I'm not a fan of MNIK

I just returned home after watching the Hindi movie, 'My name is Khan', and in true 'My name is Khan' style, I want to tell Karan Johar, the movie's director, something. I want to say, ''My name is Sengupta and I don't understand your movie.''

I do not understand which is the focal point of the movie and I personally feel that this is the biggest problem with it. It doesn't have any strong storyline. It can neither be called a movie which spreads a message about autism( the disease the protagonist suffers from) nor can it be called one which deals with the plight of Muslims in the post-9/11 USA. The two themes have been ridiculously portrayed! They don't seem to mingle with each other throughout the movie. So, the end result is a long, long film, which is meaningless and boring. Even the way in which the autistic person has been portrayed in certain scenes, makes the disease look like something funny. Besides, there is way too much drama in the film. There was no need to have portrayed the hurricane in Georgia and how the protagonist's relief work there creates ripples across USA. Everything related to this hurricane looks so absurd!

I'll mention the good points though. Kajol, the lead actress, is brilliant and people should watch the film for her only. The first half of the film is also good and I realize now why it is good. Its good because it has a lot more of Kajol in it than the second half. It is the romance between Kajol and Shahrukh Khan which is worth watching. Shahrukh himself isn't that good in the movie but the two of them are very good together. And, I'll remember this film only for Kajol's performance. Oh, and also the song, 'Sajda'.

My name is Sengupta and I just spent a very disappointing evening with Mr. Khan...