Thursday, May 20, 2010

On top of the world!

When the message alert tone rang on my mother's cell yesterday afternoon, I thought my heart just stopped beating. My mother's hand was shaking as she pressed the 'Select' button to read the message. We then began looking at my board exam marks and when we finished, we both shouted out in joy and hugged each other. Then, she was the first one to jump up in joy, with her eyes filling up with tears at the same time. And this moment yesterday, was definitely the most memorable one of my life...

On the day before my board exam results, I had only wished for one thing, forgetting all my other targets. I had just hoped that I would be able to make everyone in my family and all my teachers very very happy with my results, and that is precisely what has happened. I have secured 96.5% marks from the humanities stream. I got 92 each in Geography, Psychology, Environmental Education and English, 95 in Bengali, 99 in Economics and an unbelievable 100 in History! My exam was undoubtedly good, but then, who expects 100? The aggregate marks(96.5) is calculated according to the 'Best of 4' system (taking English and three other subjects in which one has secured the maximum marks). But, I feel that my biggest victory has been becoming the school topper, my long cherished desire. Many people had looked with scorn upon my decision of taking up Humanities in Class XI. They were sure that it was a mistake, and I have been working very hard for the last two years to prove them wrong. And, I have actually done it now. I have edged well past the Science and Commerce stream students of our school to become the topper. :-)

I am very thankful to my parents for supporting my decision to take up Humanities because in Kolkata, most parents don't do that. I have heard weird stories of some of them threatening to leave their homes if their wards wish to take up anything other than Science! My parents never had any qualms about this, which is one of the foremost reasons for my success. My Geography tecaher, Pratima Ma'am, also the head of our Humanities department, encouraged me a lot and helped me to face the kind of challenge that I had taken up. Her contribution in my life will remain unparalleled. My other subject teachers, Manisha Ma'am, Abhijit Sir, Saswati Ma'am, Tanushree Ma'am, Saheli Ma'am and Shaluk Ma'am, have also encouraged me a lot and have always egged me on to go for the best, to go for full marks, to go for a 95+ in every subject...I now feel on top of the world to see my parents, my teachers and all my family members so happy....Now, nothing seems difficult....I just hope I am able to make the right career choices for the future and make them even more proud. :-)