Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Rainy Day

Today, I did not go to school.It's raining cats and dogs here at Kolkata. I was very unhappy in the morning when Mammam told me I would not be able to go. I actually started crying. It was not going to be a special day at school but I was still frustrated. At least school is better than home in the weekday-mornings. No one is at home except Bonu(she takes care of me).I was particularly irritated when Mammam told me I could practise Maths today by staying at home. I hate that subject. There was a stage early this morning when I was angry with everyone, including Mammam and Baba. But it was not their fault that the rain seemed to go on endlessly. It's still raining heavily now and I wonder how my parents will reach their offices today. Their offices are so far from our house. Had they stayed at home too,at lest one of them, then today would have turned into a brilliant hoilday. It would have marked the beginning of a four-day mini holiday. Yes, a four-day holiday because tomorrow is Mahalaya, the next day Saturday and the next day Sunday. Anyway, what to do? I'll just have to pass my time doing something or the other. Even if I don't do Maths, maybe I'll study history and bengali. I have a small test today at my Bengali tuition calss in the evening. But I have already finished studying for the test because until today morning, I thought there would be no time to study today on account of school.


Woodsmoke said...

I hope you had a better time at home than what you thought originally. It was raining here in Moscow as well. But now it's back to sunny weather.
Take care.

Woodsmoke said...

Btw send me your blog's user name and password...need to change a couple of things in it, of course with your permission.