Friday, September 01, 2006

An exciting week- part 1

What a week this has been! We have already got seven of our twelve exam papers. Upto now,my marks have been good and I am well ahead of Krishanu(my toughest competitor). Still, as long as we don't get our Maths papers,I can't be sure of holding on to the first positon. Maths is one subject in which Krishanu is certainly better than me. Let's see what lies in store for me this time.
On Monday,about hundred students of our school went to the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum. I was one of them.But the time was very short. Moreover, the museum authorities showed us an English movie(Doctor Dolittle) in their auditorium. Hardly had we seen the museum for 15 minutes when they called us to the auditorium. After seeing the 1 hr 15 min movie, one of our teachers said that we had about half an hour left for exploring the museum as we had to go back to our school within the school hours. The result of this was that we could see the museum properly. Had to rush about in the galleries, pushing the knobs to see many experiments,but not understanding a single one of them. Anyway,the good things about this little visit were--
Firstly, the auditorium was air-conditioned. We could sit there for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Secondly, the film was good and very funny. So funny, that the film ended but our laughter continued.
Thirdly, this was an outing for us and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Our school is quite far from the museum ,but we enjoyed the journeys from the school to the museum and back.
There is still something more to write about this week which I shall do in my next post.

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Woodsmoke said...

Sorry for neither updating my blog nor for posting comments on your last post. Time is not always on my side and you are old enough to realise that people can be busy.