Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life comes full circle at Stephen's

Even a few days ago I was ever willing to chronicle my life in this wonderworld called Stephen's. Now though, somehow, the excitement of a new life has dwindled. But, don't get me wrong. That's not bad. The things which had existed as in a dream for a while, have now turned into reality. Stephen's is my own sphere--I have made it my own sphere. Stephen's is no more that intimidating structure made of red bricks where I had come for my interview on a hot June afternoon. It is not about those tense moments spent outside the interview room, shooting nervous glances at my possible would-be classmates. Rather, it is about passing by the same room thrice a day for having my meals with the same classmates-- without ever remembering what that room had meant such a short time ago, but on the contrary, thinking about rushing to the assembly, the next class or going for a night stroll.

The reason for which I feel even more that life here has come full circle is that I'm excited beyond words now about going home for the autumn break. Sudden bursts of homesickness are also an integral part of life here, specially during weekends. So, excitement at the prospect of going home, counting the number of days left, going crazy about this with friends( who are equally excited), reminds me even more that this place is not alien to me anymore. Ok, I know this sounds a bit contradictory and strange, but I can't help it. This is how things have taken shape.

And, after all the emotional talk, I again feel like jumping, packing my bags, crossing out one more day on the calendar and breaking into crazy jigs. Well, this was one crazy post I had never intended to write!