Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Puja Plans

I never mentioned our plans for the Durga Puja in my blog. But we had big plans on our mind. Air tickets to Goa had been taken; hotel booking and car hiring had been I never mentiofinalized. Only my parents needed a proper leave from office for five days. You would ask, “What leave? You’ll be going during the Puja and getting four readymade holidays.” But that was the problem. It was raining so much that we feared the West Bengal Government would cancel all holidays for government officers to control the flood. My mother is also a government officer (Joint Block Development Officer). Luckily, the rain stopped just after Mahalaya. My father’s bank’s half-yearly closing also got over the day before Shashti. So, all these holiday-problems were solved and we were ready to go to Goa. Like all other years, we were happy to go somewhere during the Puja. We don’t like to stay at Kolkata during the Puja because we don’t like pandal-hopping and, at least once in a year, we would like to get free from the crowds of Kolkata.

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