Saturday, August 26, 2006

Durga Puja, an important occasion for me

First, let me answer Woodsmoke's question. Durga Puja is important for me because it is the only time of the year when all three of us( Mammam, Baba and myself) have guaranteed holidays and can spend the whole day with one another, which is not possible in any other time of the year. That happens either because of my studies or my parents' work. This does not mean we do not enjoy ourselves.We do, but it is restricted. The Puja enjoyment is special in its own way.
It is an opportunity for having fun,seeking the blessings of Ma Durga,listening to the sound of 'dhaks' and watching the beautiful 'kashphuls'. Ma Durga comes to the city where I was born and am being brought up only once in a year. Yet, she brings a lot of happiness with her for all. I believe therein lies the wonderfulness of Durga Puja.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Temporary Relief

After going through a very hectic terminal exam, I am giving this post.Now I can relax for 3 days.Again my school and tuition classes will start from Tuesday. Not only that,We will be getting our exam papers one by one in class. I don't know how my marks will be but I don't want to think about it now.I have studied very hard this time,yet somehow I feel I won't be able to retain my first position in class. Neither can I say that my exam was too bad. Anyway,as you may have seen my blog,you may have understood that I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. This weekend I am going to read 'Harry Potter and the half-blood prince' once again. Besides we will be going for Durga Puja marketing. No, I am not a shopper.But it's always fun to go around Gariahat Market with my parents and watching them buy things for me,themselves and other relatives.This helps me, like most other Calcuttans to get into the Puja mood. Besides, this year the Puja is too early.It is taking a bit of time for Calcuttans to adjust to this timing because we are used to experiencing the Puja in mid-October.
I will also be visiting my maternal grandparents on Monday. Also,I will be dropping my biology tuition class tomorrow. I just want to take rest. Well,bye now.I want to solve Sudoku!