Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Finally, our results were declared yesterday. I stood first in class! And I am so happy. By standing first, I have got all the things that I had wanted. Firstly, I could make my parents and other close family members happy. Then, I got a CD of Harry Potter-1 from Mammam, an audio-cassette of the hindi film “Fanaa” from Bonu, while Baba’s gift is still pending( which will most probably be a book). Thirdly, by standing first two times in a row (last year, in the annual examination, I stood first), certain people of my school will, hopefully, think of me as a more able student. My toughest competitor, Krishanu, has been standing first in all the examinations, whether terminal, unit or final, since class three. I was second most of the times. But last year, I finally broke his record and stood first. Firstly, people thought that there had been a mistake. How can Krishanu stand second? It has to be the eighth wonder of the world. Slowly, of course, they accepted the fact that Krishanu had stood second. But they still believed that Krishanu, and only Krishanu, had the ability to stand first and no one else. Before that, whenever I had stood second, it had been for the difference of a few marks. These people, whom I do not wish to name, never thought much of me. I did not want them to think either. But I felt very bad when they refused that I had stood first on the basis of pure merit. I, in fact, had an open quarrel with one of them on this subject. So, I had to prove myself this time. And since, I have been successful, let’s hope they’ll acknowledge my abilities also. I personally feel that Krishanu has every ability to stand first. He is one of the best students of our batch. But sometimes, I feel sad when some people don’t think highly of me also.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Rainy Day

Today, I did not go to school.It's raining cats and dogs here at Kolkata. I was very unhappy in the morning when Mammam told me I would not be able to go. I actually started crying. It was not going to be a special day at school but I was still frustrated. At least school is better than home in the weekday-mornings. No one is at home except Bonu(she takes care of me).I was particularly irritated when Mammam told me I could practise Maths today by staying at home. I hate that subject. There was a stage early this morning when I was angry with everyone, including Mammam and Baba. But it was not their fault that the rain seemed to go on endlessly. It's still raining heavily now and I wonder how my parents will reach their offices today. Their offices are so far from our house. Had they stayed at home too,at lest one of them, then today would have turned into a brilliant hoilday. It would have marked the beginning of a four-day mini holiday. Yes, a four-day holiday because tomorrow is Mahalaya, the next day Saturday and the next day Sunday. Anyway, what to do? I'll just have to pass my time doing something or the other. Even if I don't do Maths, maybe I'll study history and bengali. I have a small test today at my Bengali tuition calss in the evening. But I have already finished studying for the test because until today morning, I thought there would be no time to study today on account of school.

Friday, September 08, 2006

An exciting week-part2

Starting from where I left last day, let me talk about the small program that was held on the occasion of Teacher's day at our school,St. Stephen's. It was a tiny, one hour program. We(I, along with my friends Debarati,Sritama, Aloy,Gourav,Souvik, Krishanu and Oindrila) staged a drama. We actually tried to present the short story "David Swan" written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, which we had done for our terminal exam, in the form of a drama.Time being short for rehearsals, we could not do justice to the strong theme of the story. I also can't say we performed extremely well in front of our teachers when they came to our class. Nevertheless, it was fun. Although Aloy played the title role, his job was the easiest as he had to sleep(or rather pretend to do so) almost all through the drama. I was the narrator. Sritama played a middle-aged widow's role, Krishanu played the old merchant's role while Debarati was his wife. Gourav and Souvik were the two thugs and Oindrila was the pretty young girl. Of course, if you have read the story, you will know about all these characters. Besides our drama, there was a Kathak dance performance and another drama (a Bengali one).
That's all about this very exciting week. We are still waiting for the rest of our exam papers. The no. of exam papers we have got upto now has been updated from seven to eight. This is also an excitement.

Friday, September 01, 2006

An exciting week- part 1

What a week this has been! We have already got seven of our twelve exam papers. Upto now,my marks have been good and I am well ahead of Krishanu(my toughest competitor). Still, as long as we don't get our Maths papers,I can't be sure of holding on to the first positon. Maths is one subject in which Krishanu is certainly better than me. Let's see what lies in store for me this time.
On Monday,about hundred students of our school went to the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum. I was one of them.But the time was very short. Moreover, the museum authorities showed us an English movie(Doctor Dolittle) in their auditorium. Hardly had we seen the museum for 15 minutes when they called us to the auditorium. After seeing the 1 hr 15 min movie, one of our teachers said that we had about half an hour left for exploring the museum as we had to go back to our school within the school hours. The result of this was that we could see the museum properly. Had to rush about in the galleries, pushing the knobs to see many experiments,but not understanding a single one of them. Anyway,the good things about this little visit were--
Firstly, the auditorium was air-conditioned. We could sit there for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Secondly, the film was good and very funny. So funny, that the film ended but our laughter continued.
Thirdly, this was an outing for us and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Our school is quite far from the museum ,but we enjoyed the journeys from the school to the museum and back.
There is still something more to write about this week which I shall do in my next post.