Friday, September 08, 2006

An exciting week-part2

Starting from where I left last day, let me talk about the small program that was held on the occasion of Teacher's day at our school,St. Stephen's. It was a tiny, one hour program. We(I, along with my friends Debarati,Sritama, Aloy,Gourav,Souvik, Krishanu and Oindrila) staged a drama. We actually tried to present the short story "David Swan" written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, which we had done for our terminal exam, in the form of a drama.Time being short for rehearsals, we could not do justice to the strong theme of the story. I also can't say we performed extremely well in front of our teachers when they came to our class. Nevertheless, it was fun. Although Aloy played the title role, his job was the easiest as he had to sleep(or rather pretend to do so) almost all through the drama. I was the narrator. Sritama played a middle-aged widow's role, Krishanu played the old merchant's role while Debarati was his wife. Gourav and Souvik were the two thugs and Oindrila was the pretty young girl. Of course, if you have read the story, you will know about all these characters. Besides our drama, there was a Kathak dance performance and another drama (a Bengali one).
That's all about this very exciting week. We are still waiting for the rest of our exam papers. The no. of exam papers we have got upto now has been updated from seven to eight. This is also an excitement.


Woodsmoke said...

Wow! Sounds like you had fun.
I have not read the story but your post has made me want to read it. Let me see if I can get it online somewhere.
Waiting to know the details of all your results. Also when someone comments on your blog, you are supposed to reply to them. Using the post comment feature. The way you post comments on other people's blogs.
Take care, love you.

Butterfly said...

@ Woodsmoke
Isn't this what you meant by "you are supposed to reply to them." So, I have used your style only. You know what, You have taught me something really good--blogging! On Friday(today), I have don't have tuitions after four consecutive tuition days.From Thursday evening, I begin to feel very happy because I will be sitting in fornt of the computer and blogging.