Saturday, October 21, 2006

Diwali celebrations

Happy Diwali!! And, this is really a very happy one because Baba is with us again on this sparkling occasion. The diwalis of the three years when he was not with us, were also good but his presence will light up Diwali even more. My world is literally dark without my parents. So, Diwali can only be fully lighted up when I am with both of them.
In the morning, I attended my Biology coaching class(imagine,tuition even on Diwali day), after a breakfast of chicken sandwiches. Then, I came back from there to have a lunch of Fried rice and Lemon chicken prepared by Mammam. After this very delicious lunch, I went off to Landmark Bookstore with Baba. I had never visited Landmark before. But it is fantastic! So many books, arranged very neatly and divided into many sections. I bought "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes(Volumes 1& 2)", "Famous Five(three adventures in one book)","Fifth Formers of St.Clare's" and "The mystery of the Vanished Prince". I was very happy after buying just what I wanted.
And now, I have to go and get ready to attend a Kali Puja invitation. We'll go there along with my grandparents. We were supposed to start at six from our house. But now, it's already 5.50. I don't suppose we can start before 6.15. Whatever it is, I must go now. Anytime now, Mammam will call me.


Woodsmoke said...

Hope your Diwali was fantastic. By the way, I think it's time to move beyond Enid Blytons.

Butterfly said...

In that case, you suggest what other books I should buy. This time, I bought Sherlock Holmes. Tell me what else is suitable for me. The next time I go to Landmark, I will certainly buy those books.

Chitrangada said...

I hope u had blast on diwali n i like the idea of buying books on diwali :)

n tution on diwali n that too bio ..ohh i can understand ..mere sath bhi hua tha when i was in school :D

Butterfly said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! By the way, Bio is my favourite subject. But on Diwali day, even that becomes irritating.