Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reaching Goa

Our flight was scheduled at 6.05 a.m. on the day of Saptami. I got up at 4.20 a.m., took a bath and dressed quickly. My parents were almost ready. Since the airport is very near to our house, we reached the airport at exactly 5.00 a.m. After the baggage screening, security check and all those necessary things were over, we boarded the aircraft. Now, this flight was scheduled for Mumbai and from Mumbai, we had to board another flight for Goa. Oh, how nice it was! Slowly, the plane started moving and roamed over the whole runway. Then, it gathered tremendous speed and was up in the air! We got a breakfast consisting of a bun, fresh fruits, an omelette and tea (or coffee). It was a great journey and all through it, we witnessed the beautiful scenery outside. We could see both the Howrah Bridge and the Second Hooghly Bridge from the plane. A little above, we saw the big, white fluffy clouds floating in the blue sky. The plane landed at Mumbai at about 8.45 a.m. We didn’t go out of the airport because it was a normal working day for the Mumbaikars, which would cause traffic jam. Fearing that we may not be able to return to the airport in time, we stayed there. The time passed quickly and before we knew it, we were on the aircraft to Goa. It was a journey of 45 minutes and the air hostesses served us lunch (mutton biryani and kheer) within that time. We got the first view of Goa from the plane. It was splendid. Lush green hills and valleys and light dirty-brown Arabian Sea. The plane landed at Dabolim Airport at about 1 p.m. First, we collected our baggage from the airport. Then, we went outside and searched for the placard bearing my father’s name. The driver of the car we had hired was supposed to come holding the placard. We noticed him and approached him. He brought the Maruti van nearer and we got inside the van. It was a great feeling. So, finally, we had reached Goa!


Woodsmoke said...

Good vivid description.

Butterfly said...

Thank you so much!!