Friday, November 03, 2006

My two best friends

In this post, I am going to talk about two of my best friends. I have very few friends, with whom I share a very special bond. They are not my friends at school or friends in my neighbourhood. I get along well with everyone at school. But, there are occasions when I don’t like their topics of discussion. For instance, they talk about boys, which is my least favourite topic. You might say that all this is natural at my age. Still, why do they have to discuss it? Can’t there be any other topic? And I don’t have a single friend in my neighbourhood. Forget being friends with them, I don’t even know their names. You might say that I am very choosy or I am a snob. I admit it. I admit that I am choosy. And that’s why, there are only a few people with whom I am the best of friends. They are my mother, my father, my maternal grandfather and grandmother and my cousin (Woodsmoke). Today, I am going to talk about my grandparents.
“Old is gold”, and my grandparents perfectly match up to it. My grandfather is 80. It is really amazing that even after two heart attacks, a recent eye operation and many other ailments, he is still so lively. He is certainly different from other old men. He doesn’t always sit with a glum expression on his face and seem to dislike everything. He is a fun-loving man. Even at this age, his sense of humour deserves applause. If you suddenly meet him now, he won’t let you realize that he is sick, that he is suffering from so many ailments. Plus, he is an educated man. He knows his English really well. His GK is fantastic. He watches the news, probably ten times a day. He loves eating biscuits. And the best thing about him, he loves and understand his family, specially, his grandchildren (me, Woodsmoke and another cousin of mine).
As for my grandmother, the first thing that I would like to mention is that she is among two of the best cooks of this world( the other being my mother). You can’t help, but like her hand-made food. And she is absolutely perfect about everything from cooking to cleaning to just sitting and watching TV. She speaks so sweetly. Anyone who meets her, becomes friends with her. Yes, she is a bit fussy, but that gets overshadowed by her role as a grandmother. Which other grandmother would have liked it if her grandchild would have played pranks on her? But my grandma doesn’t mind. Apparently, she minds, but I know she loves doesn’t. For if she did mind, why didn’t she remove the objects using which I like to irritate her? Every time I visit my grandparents, those objects are perfectly in place for me to utilize. I call my grandparents everyday. I love them. They understand me.
Not all grandparents in this world are good. Nor are all of them bad. But those who are good, deserve their grandchildren’s love. So, we should always be friendly with them. Even if they are not so good, then they can become happy and lively once again, if they get their grandchildren’s love. It will take a lot of Gandhigiri to express your love to your not-so-good grandparents, but ultimately you will get happiness.


Chitrangada said...

MF :)

This very sweet post :)

But I think all the grandparents are good ..cos parent cant be bad sweety ..its up to us how we react na ..

old people need loads of pateince ..cos cos of old age they become lil fussy but we grandchildren know how to handle them :D isnt

I miss my baba:( but i am happy my dad is still wid me :)

Woodsmoke said...

Excellent post.
Thought provoking. Make sure your subjects get to read what you have written about them.

Woodsmoke said...

Oh..and when are you going to talk about your other friends? Meaning your Baba, Ma and me? :D

Butterfly said...

Yes, u r absolutely right. parents can't be bad.
And, of course, v know how 2 handle our grandparents.

Butterfly said...

The previous reply was to Chitrangada.
I'll be writing very soon about my other friends. Probably two-three posts later.
I'll show this to my subjects when they visit our house.That can take a very long time.