Friday, December 11, 2009

Three days of my life

The last three days have been like a whirlwind. But, the days were a bit different and a bit interesting as well.

My pre-board exam will be held next month, but our practicals and viva exams are getting over in this month itself. I had two such practicals, one today and the other yesterday. Besides these, today is also my parents' anniversary. Every year, I decide what to gift them, with just about four days in hand. First, I wrack my brains for a long time as I simply cannot understand what to give them. Finally, when I decide on something, I have around three days left for making my plan successful. Yes, three days is a lot of time. But, I prefer to present something which I myself have made. So, with my packed schedule and my intentions of totally surprising my parents with the gift, it becomes a bit difficult to make my mission successful. So, this year, I had decided to plan about the gift with a lot more time in hand. Strangely, whenever I would try to think about it, my mind would inexplicably divert to other thoughts! Thus, this year too, I found myself pondering over the present on Tuesday evening, with just two days to go! When I ultimately decided to make a glass painting for my parents, I also realized that it would be very difficult for me to finish it over a span of two days because during those two days only, I would have to study for the two practical exams, study for tests which would be taken at my tuitions during those two days and attend the tuitions, of course, which would automatically take up my time. Yet, I had made up my mind.

On Wednesday morning, I studied for around an hour and a half. Then, I went out to buy the glass. I was feeling extremely nervous carrying the glass in my hand. It was the peak hour in the morning and I was having a feeling that I would drop it any moment, what with all those people , cycles and rickshaws on the road. Back home though, I managed to make a good glass painting in a matter of two hours. It wasn't very elaborate...just some flowers and some writing. But, I was happy. Up next was an afternoon tuition. At 5.45 p.m., I returned home from there and studied very hurriedly for the evening tuition test. I actually got full marks in that test! Back home again at 9.30 , I started studying for the next day's practical exam. That exam, on Thursday morning, was very good. Another tuition test was waiting for me at 4.30 p.m. that evening. I studied for that and that went well too. Only after finishing my study for today's practical exam, could I breathe freely yesterday. And, today's exam had to be good because the date itself is very good! So, I'm really satisfied with myself today. I was feeling so happy to see the smiles on my parents' faces when they saw my gift.
One more reason for which these three days were different is that I got stuck in traffic jams. I'm very lucky to have a schedule which doesn't trap me in these jams. But, for some reason, having the same schedule and using the same route, I had to face these jams over the last three days. Whatever the reason, stranded in a traffic jam, all sorts of people can be observed. Impatient clicking of tongues will be heard and everyone will invariably criticize the driver even if it is not his fault! Some people will get down from buses and start walking to reach their destination. Again, to some people, nothing will matter. They'll go on enjoying a blissful sleep...I think that one can best spend this time by either studying(if that is so urgent) or sending messages from their cell phones!


Woodsmoke said...

Awesome post. Can we see your glass painting here? On that note will you also convey my best wishes to Pishi and Pisha?
And best of luck with all your tests and exams and everything else. Love you lots.

Butterfly said...

Thank You, Thank You. :-)
Hmmm, maybe I could take a snap of the painting and upload it. I'll try...And, I surely convey your wishes to Mammam and Baba.

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Hey, how are you doing? Exams and studies are pretty frustrating actually, they always seem to play the spoilsport when you are thinking of doing something really interesting and important. But then, you seem to have balanced everything quite well. I am sure your parents liked their gift.
Best of luck for the exams.

R said...

Like I always say, you study too much! Which is why it's great to have wonderful and productive distractions like painting. And whoa, glass paint. Please share soon.

Butterfly said...

Thanks. :-)

Ok, as I told Woodsmoke, I'll try to share the painting here.:-)

newsgroups said...

I too would like to see your glass painting. Thinking about it: It has been times ago that we had a painting of you to see here. Do you still frequently draw?