Thursday, December 31, 2009

100th post on Butterfly

Time just flies...I still remember how my cousin( Woodsmoke) had first encouraged me to create my own blog. That was way back, in 2006. She was the one who had created my blog for me as I had sat with her, agreeing with whatever she had written in my profile and the blog template she had chosen. She had even suggested what I should write in my first post. I had been very excited although I had doubted how long my interest would last. But, my interest not only lasted, it increased with every passing week. I was a more regular blogger then and would post something or the other every week. During my first six months as blogger, no one would read my posts other than my cousin. Then, it was she again, who requested her fellow bloggers to read my blog. So, on my last post of 2006, I got many comments from many bloggers who gradually became great online friends of mine!

Naturally, my eagerness to blog increased. I would spent a lot of time reading my friends' blogs and updating my own one. Without my realization, blogging became an indispendsable part of my life. I would become restless if circumstances would prevent me from staying away from blogging for a very long time. I would become very curious about what comments I had received on my last post and what new posts my friends had written. Then, as I would surf all the posts, I would completely get lost in the blogging world...

This enthusiastic behaviour continued through 2007 and 2008 but sadly, 2009 was not such a great year for blogging...While my frequency of posting reduced because of pressure in studies, my friends' frequency of posting also reduced drastically. Many of them have even stopped writing. I know that they are all engaged in jobs now and are not students anymore, like some of them were when I started interacting with them. I know that they are really busy, probably beyond my imagination. Even then, its disappointing to see none of my fellow bloggers updating their blogs...So, I too, have lost much of my earlier interest in blogging. Blogging is not just about updating one's own blog. Its also about knowing others through their blogs. I strongly feel that one of these activities cannot work without the other, or cannot regularly work without the other. Thus, the blogging platform has just become a bit lonely for me.

But, I'll not stop posting because I still feel that blogging is the most important way for me to express some of my feelings, if not all. There are some things which, I guess, I can express only here. In this 100th post, I would like to request all my fellow bloggers to try and write, at least once, every month. I don't know whether they are all reading this post or not but this is my request to them all.

Finally, Happy belated Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all! :-)


Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Hey congrats on your 100th is hoping that there are lots more. Don't stop blogging.
Belated Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous new year :)

Swetank Gupta said...

Hey! Great to have reached a 100th post! Congratulations. :)

I have to hide behind something and admit that I am one of the guilty party who return to the blog eve3ry 3-4 months and promise to be regular only to disappear again.

I agree with you that blogging is about this network that you create and it is as much about reading those other blogs as about updating your own. Unless it's interactive, there's no fun.

My job will change in a couple of months time and I am hoping to be able to get back to blogging in a more regular way. Having not written anything in a long while, you can see that my language has gone to the dogs and my use of expressions has become very mundane. I intend to change that. :)

Here's wishing you a great 2010 ahead with lots of blogging from everyone!

Woodsmoke said...

Happy New Year to you too. May this year bring you lots of joy, success, blogging, rewarding friendships, good food, the grades you want and work so hard for, and plenty of smiles. And thank you for mentioning me in your post.

Kanchan said...

Congratulations on your 100th post and here's to a year of regular blogging for everyone in blog world. I agree with you completely - there is nothing like blogging and even I am guilty of not doing that regularly. But I've decided to be more regular henceforth. Thank you for reading my blog and all the best for everything!

newsgroups said...


After some weeks of silence, here I am back. I am sorry for my absence.
I feel that this post is very actual. (No worries, I don’t feel that it was mend for me). But I too am struggling with keeping up with posts. Somehow these days I lack the energy to dive into a post.
The bow that you have described: that blogging some time ago was a wonderful, magical world full of new friends and exciting new things; and that all of this seems to have faded away now; is very recognizable. I have experienced the same with the Blyton-Yahoo-group over the past years. And, really, I don’t know the cause. I don’t know what it makes that communities on the internet grow and blossom at first and then fall apart after some time. Even now that I am also one of the people who is frequently being absent, I still don’t know. I still like my friends from the Blyton-Yahoo-group. And I do miss their contact. But at the same time I cannot get myself to reading the messages. Maybe life is just too full..

I am glad that your 100th blog was not an announcement to quit. I stumbled on your blog some years ago and found it very interesting. In that time I was looking for a simple way to sniff a bit of Indian life. So your blog fitted perfectly into that: descriptions of the daily life of an ordinary person. Not meant to draw a picture for European persons, just the ordinary life. I have followed your blog with much pleasure after then.
I am also looking forward to your further life. How will it develop? What will it be? I hope I will be able to get to know.

Today the Blyton-group is still alive, just on a lower level, and I am thankful for that. It’s good to frequently see a sign from my friends. I hope that your blog will keep being alive too. It might be less frequent updated as it was in the past, most important is that I won’t have to miss you.

Butterfly said...


Hoping you'll be regular after your job changes...But, I don't really find anything wrong with your language. Its much much much better than what I see most people writing now-a-days.

Thank You, Thank You.:-)
Yes, this year really is important for me, specially in terms of grades and marks...

And,your name had to be there in this post because without your advice, this post(and the 99 posts before this) would never have been present on the web!

Thanks.:-)But, I think you are one of the more regular people...

Yeah, don't worry...You won't miss me at all.:-) I'll be here regularly. You'll surely get to know about my future and I myself am hoping that it'll be more interesting because it'll change this year. I will be entering college and hopefully, will have lots to write...

newsgroups said...

Thanks. Yes, college... sooo curious what you will study. Do you know yet? Or don't you have to choose yet?