Monday, November 30, 2009


Saw a really good movie after a long time...The movie is 'Kurbaan', starring Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and others.

First of all, for some reason or the other, I had been very eager to watch 'Kurbaan' long before its release. So, I went to watch it feeling glad and excited. I'm not saying that this is the best movie I have ever seen ,or that this is the best movie made this year. But, it is certainly one of the best. Most of you must already be knowing what the movie is all about. Its common knowledge by now that Saif plays the role of a terrorist in the movie and Kareena marries him without knowing that. Maybe, the element of terrorism in the movie is not something new. There have been other movies, even in the recent past, which have talked about terrorism. But, its the way in which 'Kurbaan' tells the story of terror that sets it apart from other films. Its not just about violence, gunshots and plans to bomb areas. Its also about the psychology of different people and the way in which they react in different situations. It also tells a heart-rending love, in the time of terror...

All through the movie, there is tension and excitement. Not a single moment allows the viewer to think about anything else and he/she is completely immersed in the movie. The film has some great performances, which I feel, should be the numero uno reason for everyone to watch it. Saif Ali Khan was exceptional and seemed to portray different emotions with equal ease. Kareena Kapoor was also great, specially in the last scene. Both of them were looking very good, individually as well as together. The supporting cast deserves special mention. Om Puri and Kirron Kher are just perfect in their roles as jehadis and I loved Vivek Oberoi in all the scenes, no matter what the newspaper reviews had to say about him( only looking good and giving an uneven performance, etc., etc.). Vivek was even better than Kareena in a few scenes. Plus, there was this guy playing the role of a suicide bomber and although he had no lines, he was brilliant in the few minutes of his screen time.

The film has just two or three loopholes, I guess, but they are not so noticeable. The good things will ultimately make the viewer forget them. I'll suggest to all those reading this post, to watch 'Kurbaan' soon. I'm sure they'll love it in one way or the other.


newsgroups said...

Thanks for your review. It is very good. I will tip my sister who is a movie-watcher. It seems to be just the movie for her.

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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Butterfly said...

Glad you liked it. :-)

@Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble
Thank You. :-)

Woodsmoke said...

I haven't seen Kurbaan yet. But why does this post have a section of the text marked in white? Makes it hard to read.

Butterfly said...

Oh, so you can see the white colour too? I had thought it to be a problem of my browser only. But, I had never intended to mark the text white. Something must have happened accidentally...

Butterfly said...

Removed the white background just now. :-)