Saturday, December 13, 2008

rab ne bana di jodi

Today, I went to watch 'Rab ne bana di jodi' with my friend, Sukanya . This was special for me because for the first time, I went out independently with a friend. Earlier this year, when I had gone out with my blogger friends, my cousins were there and besides, they were all grown-ups. But, today, there were only the two of us, without the company of any adult and it boosted by confidence a lot. Moreover, I was the one who guided Sukanya today because I have been to that multiplex and shopping mall more number of times than her and know shorter and better routes leading to it.

Coming back to the actual topic, Sukanya was extremely happy too because some of our other friends had been planning to watch this movie but hadn't invited her properly to join their group. She had been telling me that very dejectedly and on hearing that, when I had proposed our going to the movies without taking anyone else, her face had lighted up. Today, there was not a single moment when the smile vanished from her lips and that gave me a lot of satisfaction because she is the friend who has been getting closer to me for the last few months.

The movie was also very good, specially the first half. The first half was actually very funny. The second half was a bit boring . The story is kind of sweet. Anushka Sharma is very glamorous and has done a good job. Every time she smiles, its a treat to watch her. And, Shah Rukh Khan is superb. But, of course, he always is superb! The way he walks in this movie, the way he makes his two appearances in the movie equally adorable and above all, the way he smiles, all make 'Rab ne...' a must watch. The love story fails to be extraordinary, primarily because of the abrupt climax and the way Anushka abruptly discovers the person in whom she actually finds 'rab' or God. But, at the same time, the love story does leave an impression because of the way it conveys the message to us that some love stories are indeed created by God.


Amiya said...

Yay for your first movie out alone :) I remember my first time, but in my case I had sneaked out to watch my first ever movie with friends, and I hadn't told anyone at home, so I was slightly nervous & edgy & thrilled all through the movie :D

And I'm always up for a Shahrukh movie but somehow I'm not too enthused about this one, I get the feeling that it'll definitely bore me quite a bit. Hmm maybe I'll watch it, if I get some free time this week or the next.

Woodsmoke said...

I think my first independent movie with friends was Rangeela, at about your age. Although cannot be sure. I may have sneaked out for something else before that. However, officially it was Rangeela, and a whole lot of fun it was.

Most of the reviews of RNBDJ haven't been nice so far. But then as you know, as a fellow Shahrukh fan, reviews will not deter me from the movie. Let me get back to you once I have done justice to the film in the first place.

B. O'Hemian said...

Congrats. While reading the opening lines, I was thinking you would go to "Aarti" :-)

You are a SRK fan too! I am not too fond of his over-acting. But then, it's my opinion.

Glad you enjoyed your day.

~ Deeps ~ said...

my first was ddlj.....i guess i was in 12th class then.....and then we saw the mask too....

i too saw rab ne.....its nice...lil too long spl the second half.........
btw some really nice drawings in earlier post. plz do keep up with this hobby of urs.......

Rohit Talwar said...

My first movie out with friends was either Elizabeth or Dil Chahta Hai. Before that we used to just hang out, as we never got enough pocket money.

I had decided that I will skip this movie. Like most SRK movies I skip. I am glad you had a fun first-movie-without-folks experience!

Aviroop said...


ChAsMeBadDoOr said...

I read ur blog 4 the 1st tym today.. it was well expressed [:)] somehow for the 1st time i felt "chalo meri tarah halat kisi or ki b hai:[:D] Ya imnt allowed 2 go out wid frnds without a so called "bodygaurd". so my first movie wid my frnds was wen i had lied @ mah place saying im going for my rehersals for the annual function ;) and thus was damn nervous but the ending was hapy[;)] ie i wasnt caught by anyone ...

will surely watch the movie[:)]

Butterfly said...

@Amiya Didi
Rab Ne's worth a watch though it'll bore you, 'quite a bit.'And, you know what, I didn't have to sneak out because I knew that my parents would allow me. They are darlings!:-)

Rangeela? How old were you then?

Oh,you remember 'Aarti'? Heh heh, that's great!
Of course, I am an SRK fan. I thought you knew and call it his over-acting or anything you please,but he is awesome.:-)

DDLJ is a lovely movie and the best SRK movie.
Thanks, I'll surely keep posting the paintings.:-)

You skip most SRK movies? Hmph!:-/


Yeah, make sure you watch it.
And, welcome to my blog.:-)

ChAsMeBadDoOr said...

thanx... [:)] my name's arpita
.yes ll surely watch it