Sunday, December 21, 2008

A month of surprises

This December, I really am surprising my family. On my parents' anniversary, we were palnning to go for dinner. But, while planning, we realized that if we would start from our house after both of them returned from work, it would be very late because their offices as well as the restaurant where we wanted to go, are all very far from our house. So, I was struck with an idea and suggested that if I would travel to my father's office in the evening and meet him there, we would then go and meet my mother somewhere and then go for dinner. After a lot of pleading, they agreed. Thus, on their 20th anniversary, I went all the way from our house in Baguiati to my father's office in Chowringhee by bus. On hearing that I had completed that one hour and fifteen minute journey all by myself, everyone was all praise for me.

The next surpise came for them when I went for a movie with a friend, which I mentioned in my last post. And,the latest suprise was when I went and had food with my friends in a restaurant, for the first time ever, after the Christmas Celebration at our school on Friday. The function itself was not that good. But, I don't suppose any of us had gone for the purpose of enjoying the function. We had gone to enjoy with friends, to enjoy the gathering. Some of us suddenly decided to brighten up the evening more with the help of food. There were six of us, including me. Sukanya, Mekhala, Arittra, Sayani and Biswadeep made a nice group. The funny thing was that as I had invited Arittra to join us, he had assumed that I was the one giving the treat. But, while going to the restaurant, he realized from our conversation that Biswadeep was the one who would be financing. So, when the rest of us had already sat down, he stood staring at me with a very embarassed look on his face. I was forced to get up and talk to him. He said, "You're not the one giving the treat? But, I don't even know him(Biswadeep) and how can I just eat when he will be paying?" I replied very nonchalantly, " I didn't know him till today either. But, so what?" Hearing that, he became more unwilling to sit down. So, I said , "Ok fine, we'll all contribute something. Take your seat now." Thankfully, he was satisfied and occupied the last chair . We explained to him later that the reason for taking Biswadeep with us was that he is very rich and always has a good amount of pocket money with him! Now, wasn't that very clever of us? :-D

So, this month I have heard numerous time from numerous people that, " Tui to boro hoye geli!" (You've grown up!") I am glad that they have finally realized that!


Woodsmoke said...

Tui to shotti'i bodo hoye geli.

See you online again on Wednesday.

B. O'Hemian said...

Enjoy the freedom... trust me, you will remember and cherish these memories all your life.

We are still playing the "MF" game in the 21st century?

ChAsMeBadDoOr said...

good to know that ur growing.. and u no wot, in near future u ll b missing all these pals badly.. u wud die to get back to ur skool days.. so njoy to the fullest gurl!! al d bst[:)]

SPIRITed! said...

About the previous post:
I didn't like RNBDJ too much. I thought it was slightly contrived. But then, it IS fun to watch a movie with friends, however bad it may is. They set the world straight :)

Soorma said...

well,i heard D-news of u gng 2 chowringee & CC alone,& trust me i really said 2 Suku,"wow! sinjini has really grown up now!!"and abt d treat,dat was really gr8!!!!keep up dis gd work!!;)

Butterfly said...

Hyan, tobe? :-D Ekhon to ami tomake beshi kore khyanpabo.

I hope so.:-)


Some friends really do set the world straight.:-)

I sure will!