Saturday, December 06, 2008

Still life

This is one of my hand painted pictures, in oil colours. And, I changed my photo on the page because nobody seemed to like it. Specially, after protests from Nanny and Woodsmoke, I decided to change it. Hope you like both the painting as well as the photo.


B. O'Hemian said...

Thanks for changing the display pic. This one is much better.

And this painting is awesome. Loved it.

Rohit Talwar said...

Wish things were so colourful in real life too. :-) Good stuff.

Amiya said...

Awesome, awesome painting! Phew, you can't imagine how impressed I am by your drawing talent :) Wish I could draw one-hundredth as well as you :)

Keep it up, lovely works.

Oh, and the title brings something to my mind, which I think is apt for your drawing too. I love this quote.

"Still life is dancing life,
The dancing life of light."
- TS Eliot

Amiya said...

And I don't seem to remember the old display pic, but I like this new one. Very pretty.

Woodsmoke said...

This is excellent. I love it. And I will echo Subhadip's sentiment. THANK YOU for changing the display pic.

I am said...

hey came over to your blog from Bohemain's and totally impressed with two things here
1. Blog title in Dumbledore's words
2. Painting, very nice

Butterfly said...

Thanks and I'm glad you liked the pic.:-)


@Amiya Didi
Hey, thanks a lot!

You're welcome.:-)

@I am
I'm glad you like those things. Welcome to my blog.:-)

newsgroups said...

I seem to have missed this item, as I only see it now. Yes, I agree with the others that this picture is much better. Even if it wasn't you personally I also would like it better. The other one depticted an artificial person, and I don't like such persons.
Is this picture made during your vacation to the mountains?
Nice painting also. I find that you've nicely choosen the colours .