Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Degrees of Ecstasy

20th May,2008
2.55 pm.
I was sitting in front of my PC for one and a half hours. The internet connection was excellent. It did not show any sign of getting disconnected in spite of the fact that millions of students were trying to view their ICSE, ISC and Higher Secondary (State Board) results simultaneously. But, inexplicably and much to my frustration, I got the following message on the screen exactly at the time I mentioned at the beginning of the post: "Local Area Connection:A cable is unplugged." After that, I simply could not connect to the internet anymore. Five minutes past three, ten minutes past three, fifteen minutes past three....the time was flying! But, I was sitting helplessly as I continued to see "Error 678: Could not connect...." on the screen . The results were supposed to have been declared at 3.00 p.m.

Then, suddenly, my father called me and started telling me my marks! He said that my mother had been able to know the results through SMS and both of them had forwarded the marks to me. When I checked my cell phone, I found that I had received the messages but somehow, the message alerting tone had not worked. Both of them were on their way home!

Coming to the marks, I have got what I had wanted. My overall percentage is 94.4. This is according to the ICSE rules. There are seven subject groups. The English marks has to be taken into account along with the marks of a student's top four other subjects to calculate the overall percentage. I have got 90% in English, 96% in Bengali, 98% in Environmental Education, 94% in History-Geography, 94% in Maths (what a pleasant surprise!), 94% in Science and 90% in Computer. I have stood fourth in my school. The top three are Krishanu Ray (95.6%), Souvik Choudhury(95.4%) and Soorma Das(95%).

Yesterday was one of the most fantastic days of my life. My parents were so happy. My mother was extremely excited and a broad smile lingered on her lips all evening. And, I have never seen my father so happy before. Their smiles mean a lot to me. I'll just remember the expression on their faces and that is my greatest gift. My other relatives were so happy too. My maternal grandparents have a very disciplined lifestyle. But, yesterday, they forgot to take their evening tea on time after knowing about my results! My paternal aunts started informing all their neighbours about their only niece's results! These are not material gifts but they are invaluable. They clearly show that I have been able to live up to everyone's expectations. My teachers were very happy too!

I am extremely happy and satisfied. I have only one demand. I want to celebrate with everybody one day. A party will be organized in a few days. And, this is just the beginning. After this, I have miles to go. The next big exam will be the ISC exam. For that, I will work harder and much harder than I had done for my ICSE.

I thank my parents and all my teachers( both of school and of tuition) for helping and encouraging me so much. They have always been beside me. You all obviously don't know who Bonu is. Well, her real name is Radha and I have been calling her 'Bonu' since childhood. She has been a sort of a bodyguard to me and has looked after me all day in my parents' absence. Although I go to school and tuition classes all by myself now, Bonu used to accompany me till I was in Class 10. So, her contributions are not less and I thank her too. Last, but not the least, I thank all my fellow bloggers because they too have wished me luck before my exam and have been such good friends that I have had reason to enjoy myself in the midst of studying.


Woodsmoke said...

Many many congrats yet again.
I wish I could be there for the celebration party. Let me know the details.

Sukanya Guhathakurta said...

CONGRATULATIONS.................Now quickly fix the date of the party 'couz I just can't wait any more;and Ithink you too.Isn't it????????????

Rohit Talwar said...

*gets back to reality*

*clears throat*
Congratulations! *drums*
94.4 is an OBSCENE digit. Phew, HOW did you manage it! Sheesh... The most I have ever managed is perhaps something close to 86 in my 8th grade, I guess. And I was the happiest then. My parents just gave up on me post my 9th grade's result.

It's awesome to see how you noticed everyone's reaction. I'm dead sure you'll give them more reasons to smile and celebrate with your hard work. You've a long way to go. But I'd still say that 94.4 is an obscene percentage. Tch, tch.

Congrats once again. Enjoy the party, whenever it's being organised. Spoil yourself from today till that day - you deserve it. You're an amazingly hard working girl :)

newsgroups said...

Congratulations! Excellent results!
Hope you can laugh about the way you have been notified about your grades. It wasn’t what you always had dreamt of!
Have fun at your party. Will you write a blog-entry about it?

Aarbee said...

Many congratulations!! :-)

I'm not surprised at all. And I know those smiles on parents' faces are invaluable. Cherish them. And now celebrate!!! :)

B. O'Hemian said...

Excellent news!!! Congrats :-)

Have fun at the party!

Amiya said...

This is awesome news, I'm so happy for you!! :)
You really deserved it. Have a good celebration!! :) :)

SPIRITed! said...

Wow!! That is just so amazing!
Congratulations, and do blog about your party.

Last word:Don't think about ISC from now.Enjoy!

Aritro Dasgupta said...

Congratulations of course yet again.... I know how difficult it is usually to ahev the internet working while digging up for one's results.. Cheers and good luck!

~ Deeps ~ said...

enjoy the party and have fun :)

Kavya said...

wow!! we all are sooo proud of u!!!!! ConGRATS!!!!
*hugss and kisses*

Jayant said...

CONGRATS!!! I can SO imagine the smiles on your parents' faces. There's simply no bigger happiness than seeing your parents happy because of YOU. It made me remember one of the best days of my life too. Similar feeling of ecstasy and...fulfillment. :)

Congrats once again!

Butterfly said...

Thank You so much!:-)
I too wish you could be there...The whole process would have been much more enjoyable...
I'll write about the details.:-)

Thank You!:-)
It's true that I can't wait anymore but your waiting has proved to be futile as you won't be coming now.

Thanks a million!:-)

Thank You so much!:-)
Yeah, I had never dreamt of being informed about my result in that way...It really was peculiar!
I will write a blog-entry about the party soon.

Thank You so much!:-)

@Subhadip Da
Thanks a lot!:-)

@Amiya Didi
Thank You very much!:-)

Thank You!:-)
I'll write about the party and I am not exactly worried about ISC from now. It's just that I don't want to lose my momentum.

@Riju Dada
Thank You very much!:-)

Thanks a lot!:-)

Thanks a lot!:-)

Thanks a million!:-)
'Fulfillment'...You are right. That's exactly how I have been feeling. Totally fulfilled!:-)

Enlightener said...

It was long time since you last posted....Its Kudos To You and a A Very big Congo on your splendid the boards...
know what it feels like to be successful in the first big exam of one's life..its truly ecstatic....
Rock on ..and keep it up..all the best in life

Dhrubo said...

I should have done this you earlier but anyway....CONGRATULATIONS!
94.4%is Brilliant!And you deserve it,having worked so hard...I never did,so I know the drill!You'll sail through ISC as well...
Will there be cake at this party?

Butterfly said...

Thanks so much!:-)

Thanks a lot!:-)
I'm afraid there wasn't any cake at the party...

Convivial said...


read ur blog after a long time..

congrats!! these are really great marks..

so wht next??