Saturday, April 26, 2008


From left to right: My father, myself, my cousin Woodsmoke, my cousin
Riju Dada, my uncle, my aunt and my mother in Jaipur in October 2001 Woodsmoke and Riju Dada at Chhatri in Jaisalmer

From left to right: Riju Dada,Woodsmoke, My aunt, My father, myself and
My uncle inside Junagadh Fort in Bikaner

Bottom row(left to right): My mother, myself and Woodsmoke
Top row: Riju Dada. Picture was taken on the way to Rajasthan


Aarbee said...

Very nice pictures.

Woodsmoke said...

Gorgeous. And how strange, considering I have been writing an essay on Deshnoke's rat temple for one of my classes since last week. Remember how that rat scurried over your foot?

Additionally, I should probably go back to wearing contact lenses.

I might have some work for you in the next couple of months...involving yet another essay.You would need to be my eyes and ears in Calcutta.

Rohit Talwar said...

MAN!!! You look so cute :)

And SayanDi... naah, don't go back to contact lenses. But damn, your hairdo in these pictures... ahem. But it must feel great to sit there and relive those family times through these pictures.

Titash said...

These are very beautiful! I believe you took lot of pains to scan them before uploading to blogger?

~ Deeps ~ said...

nice pics.........

B. O'Hemian said...

Nice pictures.

Butterfly said...


Oh yes, I remember that quite clearly!:-D
I think you look better with your spectacles...
I would love to help you! Sounds absolutely thrilling!You can ask me whatever you like and I'll get the information for you in whatever way I can.:-)

Thank You!:-)
But,there's nothing wrong with Woodsmoke's hairdo in these pictures...

I did not face difficulties while scanning them. Uploading them to blogger took a lot of time(almost two hours)!After clicking on 'Upload image', the message 'Your images are being uploaded to blogger' would appear for a long long time.:-/

Thank You!:-)

@Subhadip Da
Thank You!:-)