Friday, April 18, 2008

Kajol, Humanities Aur Hum

“Sometimes, the greatest journey between two people is the distance between them….”

The above is the tagline ( it might be a bit wrong , I don’t know the exact one) of the latest Bollywood movie, ‘U, Me Aur Hum’. But, after watching it, I could not find out any connection between the tagline and the actual story. Not any strong connection, at least. If I describe the movie in one word, I will say that it is boring. Plain and simple, boring! It is also unnecessarily long. In the first half, Ajay Devgan and Kajol spend one and a half hours singing, dancing and talking and thinking rubbish . How can a romantic relationship be possible between a well-to-do passenger on a cruise and a bar maid on the same cruise? According to me, it is one of the most absurd things on Planet Earth. Moreover, the music of the film is very poor. Ajay Devgan irritates you with his role and his direction. The story is not that bad, but it could have been presented much better than this if the length of the film would have been shorter. For watching this film, my parents had to spend 690 bucks (ouch) on the first day of the Bengali New Year! Yes, that’s 230 rupees for one person! We had expected the movie to be good. The only positive point of the movie is Kajol. Her performance stood out and if you ever watch ‘U, Me Aur Hum’, watch it to see Kajol and nothing or no one else.

My school has reopened. I am in the 11th standard now. Since I will not be shifting to a CBSE school, I have taken admission in my own school , which is an ICSE/ ISC one. Besides, I don’t know whether my ICSE result will be good or not. The CBSE schools in Kolkata ( very few of them) only take those students who get at least 85% in their board exam. In some schools, the minimum marks required is 90%. One can never say anything about his/her board exam results with confidence….Anyway, the main reason for which I preferred to remain in an ISC school is that I wanted to pursue Humanities . And, I have done it too. Now, I am very happy and am enjoying myself . English, Bengali, History , Geography….I like all these subjects. I have also started to like the two new subjects, i.e., Economics and Psychology.


Woodsmoke said...

Many many congratulations on getting into class XI. I am very very proud of you. Your choice of subjects...English, History, etc...I am not so sure. Who on earth studies these utterly non-paying things these days? :)
I started watching U, Me aur Hum online a few days ago. I think after 45 minutes of watching wherein I was fidgeting continuously simply because I was so MAHA bored, I decided to let go of it.

Hope class XI treats you well. Take care.

p.s. Thamma'r birthday te ki korli?

Jayant said...

Wow, I almost can't believe you're in 11th. I started reading your blog when you were in 9th and it's been two years already?! Time flies!

I'm glad you took humanities. :) Hope you enjoy high school.

And thanks for the advance birthday wishes! :)

B. O'Hemian said...

Unfortunately, most of the current hindi movies are either "inspired" or absurd!

Rs. 230 for a movie ticket in Kolkata!!! Am I glad that I had to spend less than 10% of that from my precious pocket money for a movie ticket when I was a student! Do I sound old here?

Subho Nobo Borsho!

Nirmal Simon said...

I love hindi songs!Check out it has awesome lyrics from thousands of songs.

the dreamer.... said...

even i took humanities this subject combination is hist, pol science, eco, math, hindi n the rest....n i think they are beautiful subjects!! they are actual steps to learning what life is all about...i guess we're gonna spend two awesome years ahead!!

~ Deeps ~ said...

you are hitting the basic premise of indian movies :D (different monetary status of two people) but then again some professions which looks low paying might not be so in reality.....
anyways, havent seen the movie, no mood to do so also.....good choice subjects and good luck for class XI :)

Dhrubo said...

Thank you for the wish,I am afraid I am much too late to wish you the same...
I watched U me aur Hum yesterday...The first half,as you rightly said,was excruciating!Ajay is pathetic...
Which exorbitantly priced cinema did you go to?

All the best for your 11th...I hope you enjoy humanities as much as I did!

SPIRITed! said...

Humanities rules!

Convivial said...

Hey Titli..

All the best for the new phase of your life.. !!

Tk cr

Kanu said...

Hmmm.........Wouldn't comment on the movie for I haven't seen it yet and I think i would watch it. As to when I do that is a mystery......

I like the choice of your subjects...

Good luck in the new class girl...keep rocking!

P.S. A bar maid on an international cruise would be paid rather handsomely....and to all the people who simply find hindi movies bad and absurd...I have seen weirder hollywood flicks....why complain?

Butterfly said...

Thank You!:-)
Non-paying? Dadai, Mammam and you are the living examples of the fact that they are paying.:-)
p.s. Didai-er birthday-te Didai barite ice-cream aar barir khabar khaoa holo. Saradin tash khela holo.

Thanks for the best wishes!:-)

@Subhadip Da
Well, you do sound a bit old!:-)
Shubha Nababarsha!

@Nirmal Simon
Thanks for sharing the name of the site.:-)

@The Dreamer
We will certainly spend two awesome years ahead.:-)

Even if the job is not low-paying, it is not very prestigious....
Thanks for the best wishes!:-)

We went to Inox, City Centre.
Thanks for the best wishes!:-)

Of course it does! It rocks!:-)

Thank You!:-)

Thanks for the best wishes!:-)
Evenif a bar maid on an international cruise is handsomely paid, her job is not at all prestigious, is it?
And, I have not exactly complained about Hindi movies in this post. It's not that good Hindi movies are never made. But, this one is really bad.

Rohit Talwar said...

XI?! Like Jay said, I don't believe it! (bum)

Anyway, seriously, don't laugh at our fantastic Boolywood 'stories.' Wait for the time every actor would turn into a director. More 'stories' then :)

And Economics?! Jeez, I used to hate its classes. Anyway, have fun these two years. High school is definitely more eventful ;)

Butterfly said...

But I think Economics is wonderful!:-)
I have studied it for only 10 days now and I think its just fascinating and certainly much much much much better than Maths. I am so glad that I won't have to study that thing anymore.

Titash said...

Didn't plan to see this movie, gladly nobody coaxed me. Your choice of subjects will really depend on your aptitude for it. Hope you continue to love them as long as you live studying them!

Butterfly said...

Since I do have an aptitude for those subjects, I chose them. I was always better in History and Geography than Physics, Chemistry or Biology.:-)

Amiya said...

I heard and read too many horrible reviews of that movie, so didn't even bother to watch it.

And good that you've taken Humanities, it's great to have the conviction to pursue what you really want to do. Good luck to you! :)

Butterfly said...

@Amiya Didi
Thanks for the good luck!:-)