Monday, February 11, 2008

Six Random Details about myself

Our very favourite Woodsmoke (in my case, even Jayant has tagged me)has tagged us all and we have to post at least six random details about ourselves on or blogs. So, I post the following six random details about myself:

1. I hate those boys who wear ear rings.

2.I also hate those children( specially boys) who get pampered by their parents. I particularly find boys being pampered by their mothers. Their mothers often think that they are very good and very innocent. But,in most cases , it is seen that the boys show their real faces in their mothers' absence.

3.I don't think that anyone in this world has eaten more apples than me.

4. Sometimes, I find one of ears growing hot and red and the other one staying equally cold at the same time. I don't know why this happens though.

5. When I go to school everyday, my mother comes down from our first floor flat and standing in front of the building, she waves goodbye to me . I always look back at her when I reach the end of the lane. But, most of the times, some people are there in the lane and we fail to see each other properly. That is something which really gets on my nerves.

6. I hate it when my parents' bosses (specially my mother's boss ) telephone them at home. Most of the times, I happen to pick up the telephone and I feel like putting the receiver down with a loud bang. But, I have to supress my desire because my parents don't approve such things.


~ Deeps ~ said...

everyone is doing this tag :D
nice list........
MF :)

Rohit Talwar said...

I have eaten more apples than you have. I have been crazy about apples since I was, let's say, 7. Ha. I beat you there. (sticks out his tongue at Butterfly and quickly runs)

Woodsmoke said...

What a wonderful list. I thought Jayant had also tagged you? But nevertheless I am just glad you did it in the first place.
1. Come on, some of them look nice!
2. I agree.
3. What about poached eggs? That's also something you have eaten regularly, right?
4. Hee hee hee.
5. May the road clear of all clutter.
6. Do that next time, and say "The phone slipped from my hand. What was I to do?"

Aarbee said...

Ah, the ears going red story. Good I didn't write about it in my tag. :D

I agree with Woodsmoke on point 6. Try it. :P

Amiya said...

This is SUCH a cute post! Really... and I know I'd probably not like being called cute over & over again, but I couldn't help saying that - your post is so sweet :)

Agree with Woodsmoke on 1, c'mon, some of them look real nice!!

And haha, you've eaten quite a few apples have you? My mom would've loved to have you for a daughter, judging by how she keeps telling me to eat apples.

Oh my nose is the weird cold tip of my body. Even if the rest of me is completely warm and comfy, the tip of my nose would be FREEZING cold!

And agree with Woodsmoke again on 5: may the road clear of all clutter :)

Dhrubo said...

Hmm....interesting!Actually I get pampered by my parents,especially mum!However,unfortunately for me,she doesn't think I am good!Poor me!
Oh,I hate guys with eyebrow piercings..ear rings are so common nowadays that I would have to hate half of my college!!

Titash said...

You're just as I imagine you would be!

Chitrangada said...

sweet post :)

very cute things about u :P i wont call then random :)

last post is very very cute :)

Butterfly said...

Why don't u do the tag too?

I have been eating apples since I was 4. So, I can comfortably tell you that you have not beaten me there.Ha.(runs after Rohit, catches him and sticks out her tongue at him in reply)

I stopped taking poached egs regularly about five years ago. Now, I get to eat poached eggs only when we go to Digha. I prefer half-boiled eggs more now.
I think I'll try that phone-slipping trick.:-)

I'll surely try it.:-)

@Amiya Didi
You should eat appples.They are not just healthy. They are really tasty too.

Oh Yeah, eyebrow piercings are even worse. They look so painful!

Really? :-)

@Deepti Di
But, why won't u call them random?