Tuesday, February 26, 2008


With two and a half days left for my ICSE exam, I simply couldn't think of anything else to write. So, in my tiniest post ever, I welcome all of you to ask me three questions. Any 3 questions, whether random, private or personal. I'll have to answer your questions honestly here. In return, you have to post this thing on your blog and allow people to ask you questions (though I know that most of you have done it already). I myself should have done this long ago because I asked questions to Richa, Jayant and Amiya Didi.

You could also check out Muskaan, my pet monkey, in the side bar. I found her at bunnyhero labs where Jayant found his pig.


Woodsmoke said...

Good luck with the exams. And Muskaan looks like a lot of fun. Does our common grandfather know about this? He will be thrilled with the idea of a pet monkey.

And the only reason I am not asking you any questions is because in turn I would have to post it on my blog and get questioned.

Aarbee said...

Hey, wish you lots of good luck for the exams. I'm sure you'll do well. :-)

Will come back with the questions.

Convivial said...

Hey I didnt have any other way to wish u but this...

Happy Bday..

I remebered coz.. u knw y!!!

last yr ei bolei nijer first post korechhilam tomaar blog e..

I am sure u r not gonna check it too soon.. coz of ur exams.. wish u all the best for tht too! gud luck

tk cr

god bless


Woodsmoke said...

Pisha'r jonmodiner jonne best wishes janachhi. Hopefully, 28th Feb bhalo ketechhilo. Aamar slightly belated greetings definitely janash. Tokey advance best wishes for 3rd March. Tui ki shotti shotti ebar 16 years e hobi? Naki aami gunte bhool korchhi?

Ma'r kaach theke shunlam je tor prothom porikkha ta English grammar er opor chhilo, ar je sheta bhalo hoyechhe. Shune khushi hoyechhi. Baki gulo o nishchoi bhalo hobe. Good luck aabar. Porikkha shesh holey email kore janash je shob gulo kemon holo ar jonmodine ki korli, ki peli, ityadi.

Jayant said...

Damn, I really wanna ask you something, but can't think of any nice questions right now. I'll come back.

Oh, I hope your exams are going well. :) Good luck for the rest (if there are any left).

Titash said...

The monkey looks bored..wished he had something more to do than dangle from your sidebar!

Butterfly said...

Thanks for all the best wishes and Birthday wishes. 28th Feb bhalo ketechhilo. Baki kotha email-e janabo.:-)
I'll tell our common grandfather about my pet.


Thanks and a very belated Happy Birthday to u 2.:-)
I had remembered that ur b'day is on 3rd March too but I cud not wish u because of my exams.

Well, of course there are more exams left. There are three more. But, even if there hadn't been any, ur best wishes would still have meant a lot.:-)

Bored, you say? Hmmm...Let's see what else I can do with her.:-)