Friday, January 25, 2008

A chicken-less life

Yipee! My selection exam is almost over! Only the Bengali exam is left. But, that is on Monday and my preparation is quite good. So, I should be feeling very happy now. Well, I am feeling very happy and relieved. Yet, there is one terrible sadness....

This is just the right time for tasting some of that very delicious ckicken prepared by my mother. But, I can't! And, it's all because of this wretched disease called bird flu! Bird Flu has made my life chicken-less. I have not been able to taste ckicken for only one week now and I have started missing that clear brownish yellow chicken curry that my mother makes for me every Saturday. I have already started missing the soft leg-meat. I wonder when I'll next be able to taste that curry bit by bit and at the end of the meal, as I always do. And, the chilly chicken! The chilly chicken whose smell automatically takes me from my study-table to the kitchen.....oh, I'll miss it so much. Allowing me to taste that chicken has been one of the best gifts given to me by life.

I sometimes wonder what a horrible disease this is. It will not even let you eat eggs. My stomach aches when I think that I'll not be able to eat that hot, half-boiled egg with its pretty yellow yolk. Egg yolk has easily been one of the best things I have ever tasted. It's not as though we can't eat chicken at all . But, it must cooked upto 70 degrees celsius! By the time the temperature reaches 70 degrees celsius, the egg will almost turn to a brick and the taste of chicken might not remain as good as the cook wants it to be.And, who has that much patience anyway? Besides, there is no need to take a risk....

People might say that we could eat mutton in the absence of chicken. But, how can mutton ( with apologies to all mutton-lovers; this is a personal opinion) ever be the substitute for chicken? How can that hard goat meat ever replace the marvel named chicken? Fish is better than mutton. But, it can go nowhere near chicken. Only prawn is fit to compete with chicken. But, prawns are horribly expensive. One can't afford them every week like chicken.

People might also say that this is a temporary problem. Well, it is. But, I just can't help wondering why there is never any outbreak of goat flu ,or pig flu, or cow flu.Why does it always have to be bird flu? But, let's hope that it will not linger for more than a month. Let's hope that we can all get back to our chicken-full life once more very soon. And, let us also hope that bird flu will never again torture all chicken lovers. Let all the birds lead a very healthy life and let all chicken lovers never be deprived of such an important feature of their lives.


Woodsmoke said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Spoken like my true sister, like a true fellow carnivore. I don't think I have been this pleased with any other post of yours. There is this fellow feeling that is indescribable.

Although my favorite meat had always been pork prior to coming to the US, where now that position has been taken by beef. Both are red meats though, so the sad bit is that they both have to be consumed in moderation.

P.S. Mama to ekhon Kolkatae, tui bol jeno toder computer e Gtalk download korey deye. Ba tokey bujhiye dile tuio korte parbi.

Kanu said...

Every time I think you can't get sweeter than this, you simply go ahead and prove me wrong. The post is brilliant, the humor unmistakable.

That's really a very meaty piece of writing girl...keep it up and I do hope chicken gets back to where it belongs asap...on your plate that is...

Dhrubo said...

Yeah madam,same problem here.I have been surviving for the past 3 weeks on leaves and grass and I hate it.Very well written and expressed.I am in delhi now,in the frezing cold at SRCC,just hoping to devour some chicken!Jealous????

Butterfly said...

Thank You.:-)
By the time I read this comment, Mama had started to enjoy his regualr life in Delhi. So, as of now, Gtalk downloading has to be cancelled.:-(

Thank You.:-)
Sadly,chicken will not get back to my plate that soon now....
Bird Flu is spreading more and more.

Of course I am jealous!:-/
Wish I could go somewhere too, where I could eat some chicken.

~ Deeps ~ said...

this is probably the best post on ur blog till now..........
and with the flu spreading its wings near to seem we will be deprived of it in near future :(

atleast there are plenty of joints offering good kebabs (mutton) across delhi

Rohit Talwar said...

Man, your life's tough, isn't it? :P

Ok, here it goes: I am a vegetarian but recently tried some stuff. Loved prawns.. and chicken too. This flu totally ruined my plans to taste chicken in various dishes. Hmph.

Butterfly said...

But, let's hope that you'll never be deprived of that privilege in future.

Yeah, my life really is tough!:-(
But, let's hope that your life doesn't become equally tough.Let's hope that you will be able to taste chicken.