Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cheeni Kum....and Himesh Reshamiya

Yesterday, I saw “ Cheeni Kum” with my parents.Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu , Paresh Rawal, Zohra Sehgal and a child artiste, “Cheeni Kum” is a romantic comedy. It teels the story of Buddhadev Gupta( Amitabh Bachchan), a 64-year old chef, who falls in love with Neena Verma(Tabu), a 34-year old citizen from Delhi.

The first half of the movie is good, but the second half is bad. In the second half, the film becomes very boring. There are good performances from all the actors and actresses. I specially liked Zohra Sehgal. She is so amazing even at 94. As a whole, I didn’t like the movie much. But, it’s worth watching.

I wonder how many of you watch the talent hunt competitions on TV. There are so many now-a-days. I watch “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa—Challenge 2007” and the Bengali version of “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”. I enjoy these two programmes a lot because these are the only shows which I catch on TV now-a-days. The only con is Himesh Reshamiya. He is one of the Gurus of SRGMP---Challenge 2007(all-India version). And, he loves to quarrel with the other judges and Gurus over every third contestant. He makes the whole atmosphere so irritating. It doesn’t seem as if he has some to the show to encourage youngsters. His only objective is quarreling. When one contestant’s performance was not liked, he said, “Tujhe India mein kaam milega.Main tujhe kaam dunga.” Now, is there anything related to “kaam” here? It is a singing competition. Everything is not over for the contestants if they lose here. And, just imagine the luck of that person who’ll be working under Himesh.


Rohit Talwar said...

I liked Cheeni Kum. For a change, people in Hindi movies are liking other people for their intelligence and sense of humour, for what they are. Instead of the usual song and dance and random mushy ingredients. It's short and classy.

Himesh.. Ah well. I don't follow those brilliant reality programs but I saw its promo once. "Mujhe tere ghar mein roti chahiye.." Die, Reshahmmiyea (however he spells it) die.

Jayant said...

I wanna watch 'Cheeni Kum'. I'll just add it to my already-very-long-list of 'To-watch' movies.

Ah, Himesh Reshammiya - a living proof of the fact that success has nothing to do with talent. Sigh. What a world we live in.

Woodsmoke said...

I saw Cheeni Kum too, along with Life In A Metro. I thought both the movies were well done. The chemistry between Tabu and Bachchan is crackling. But the plot, once it shifted to Delhi, became slow and tired. Overall though, I liked Cheeni Kum for its biting humor.

Himesh R. (since I don't remember how he spells his name) is the worst thing to have happened to our multi-talented Bollywood music industry. How dull do you have to be to make sure that ALL your songs sound THE SAME? EXACTLY THE SAME???

Aarbee said...

I've heard similar things about Cheeni Kum from almost everybody. Somehow I don't feel like watching the movie though.
And HR! I think we'll all be done with criticising him but he won't stop churning out those annoying songs. I watch SRGMP too and you're right. He just wants to create a scene every single time. It's IRRITATING!

Rohit Talwar said...

@ Woodsmoke
Seems someone has a fair idea of how all the songs sound. This free audio streaming feature HAS to go. FAST.

Subhadip said...

I want to see 'Cheeni Kum'. I haven't seen a movie in the last few months; guess I have been travelling too much!

Since I am in Kolkata and the 'right to remote' is with others during 'prime time', I am watching a lot of talent shows too. I know exactly how irritating Himesh can be!

Kanu said...

Firstly I want to complement on the shear professional way you gave a critique...impressed baby, really impressed by your writing. You can go places...And I hope you do..

As far as Cheeni Kum is concerned, am dying to watch it...

And HR......phew...NO COMMENTS :)

Woodsmoke said...

@ Rohit
Oh yeah? :x
You have to atone for making this disgusting suggestion by listening to my rendition of a Jazzy B song next time.

Titash Roy said...

Haven't seen CHINI KUM yet, and even if provided a chance I won't!
Presently running out time to see movies. As far as Himesh is concerned,he is better muscian than singer and that attitude you mentioned might have developed since he got popular!

~ Deeps ~ said...

i liked cheeni kum....i even liked the post interval sequences even tho they were slow but they showed a protagonist in a different light as comapred to other movies.....
wat i dont like was the end sequences and melodrama......

himesh, better left unsaid........

Butterfly said...

I'll be giving individual replies to all ur comments ASAP.

Butterfly said...

Although I didn't like Cheeni Kum, it's true that it is different from the usual song-and-dance Hindi movies.
And, of course, let Himesh go to hell!

I've seen many of my classmates tuning in to Himesh's songs, when they don't even listen to the likes of Shaan. So, u r right. What a world we live in!

Yes, all the Himesh Reshamiya songs sound exactly the same. They always have the trademark "Ooooooonnnn" or "Aaaaaannnnn", not to mention the nasal notes. Ugh!

No, u shud watch Cheeni Kum. At least, the first half was good.
HR will never stop churning out those annoying songs because he has more fans than critics.:-/

@Subhadip Da
Travelling "too much"? But, that's aweful fun, isn't it? Once u go back to Bangalore, u'll be able 2 watch all the recent movies. :-)

Thanks for the complement.:-)
No comments on HR? Well, ur opinion abt him is understood then.

U shud watch Cheeni Kum whenever u get time. I didn't like it, but as I told Richa too, the first half is worth watching.
Even if Himesh has become popular, why shud he develop that attitude? I mean, the other mentors (specially Bappi Lahiri and Ismail Darbar) are very popular too. But, popularity hasn't gone to their head.

Now, that's a bit different opinion abt Cheeni Kum. :-)