Saturday, May 19, 2007

A lesson learnt

I f you ever get an opportunity to attend a program on an Environmental Awareness issue, try your best NOT TO UTILIZE THE OPPORTUNITY. Instead, sit at home and enjoy the programmes on TV…. Or just sleep…..Give any excuse for not going…..

Why am I saying all this?? Because last week, we were informed by one of our school teachers that there would be a program to celebrate World Environment Day 2007 (which is on 5th June) in advance. The students who had got the highest marks in Environmental Education from each class would be given an award. We would be taken to Khardah Rabindra Bhavan (abt 20 kms from Kolkata) and would return to our school by 4 o’ clock in the evening. The date was 19th May, 2007, Saturday ( today). So, this morning, my mother dropped me to school. But, only 14 students went to Khardah. I was a bit surprised. Why didn’t the other students want to go and receive their award? But, they did just the right thing by not going. When the awards were being given, we learnt that we would not be getting individual awards. Our school would be getting an award for “Outstanding Achievement to Environment and Nature”. And, the teacher who had informed us abt this program, would be getting an award herself.

So, what did we do there? We listened to the speeches of 6-7 guests ( each speech lasting for a minimum of 20 minutes). Obviously, they talked about the ways to save our environment, not to use plastic, not to fix signboards on trees, …….. They even showed their MS-PowerPoint presentations. But, all that didn’t interest us. They were so BORING!! So boring, that one of our students said that he would try not to get the highest marks in Environmental Education again!

We learnt a very good lesson today. I would request you all to listen to this little advice of mine. Please don’t attend these type of functions in future, whether you are supposed to receive an award or not. You’ll obviously get your award somehow. The organizers will send it to you. If you are interested in saving Mother Earth, do all you can. But, don’t attend these programs, NEVER…..


Swarolipi said...

heya!! ME first..
ever on any blog!!

btw i am still laughing.
it was such a cute post.. er cute?
ya kinda.
i mean the height of nirasha.. is coming across so wll.
ekdom maximum limit e pounche gechhe bodhaye frustration ta.. LOL !!

Rohit Talwar said...

Oh man, these guys suck. Big time. It's as if they never found anyone to listen to their accumulated nonsense and they create these dumb opportunities for themselves.

I still remember The Peace, Mercy and Tolerance Award by The Global Assembly On Peace, Mercy, Tolerance and Disaster Management in 2001. I was the only representative from my school's zone in Delhi and it was a very big deal to be the only one but hell, it was so boring that (yawn)..

Kavya said...

lol!! poor u! let's all of us say a collective prayer so that none of us ever has to attend such functions!!!

Titash Roy said...

I agree to every point you really do something for this planet I would rather participate in cleansing it than deliver speeches!

Woodsmoke said...

Why why oh why do people give long speeches? WHY WHY WHY!!!

~ Deeps ~ said...

somehow all the people who are supposed to give speech in any function start believing that this is the only chance to say whatever u want in their whole lives

Kanu said...

ha ha ha........Advice Taken!!!!

Chitrangada said...


sweet post but i guess we learnt this lesson long ago but the prob is we learnt this lesson just like u did there is escape :P

keep learning lesson sweety :)

Butterfly said...

Congratulations for commenting first ever on any blog. It's good that the blog was mine.:-D
Yes, shei din frustration maximum limit-e pounchhe giyechhilo.

Yeah, right. They never get an opportunity to deliver speeches, probably not even to their own children. So, they just harrass the poor people who attend such functions.

I am praying too.

I,too, would try to participate in real cleansing activities. But, now it is too late to do something for our planet. The destruction is already too much.

Jodi keu tomake Idaho-te jalaton kore, tobe tader eirokom function-e pathiye dite paro.:-)

I totally agree with u.
After this experience,I have decided not to deliver any speech,ever, in life.


@Deepti Di
So, u already know ur lesson. That's good, coz you, too, will be able to advise people on ths issue. :-)

Woodsmoke said...

Ei universityr je teacher aamake B grade dilo takey dhorey ekta boring speech shunte pathiye di, ki bolish?

Butterfly said...

Ekdom thik. Pathiye dao.:-D

Amiya said...

This comment is way too late and I guess by this time you must be over your annoyance, anger & frustration... or maybe not!

Well, yes, some of these school programmes can be an unbelievable waste of time. After class 10 I got a merit certificate for Hindi (or maybe Sanskrit, I forget which) for which I had to go to some arbit park where there was supposed to be a prize-distribution ceremony by some unheard-of minister. Apart from having to wait for him to show up (for an hour, easily), there was also the added annoyance of being witness to the horribly monotonous routine of watching kid-climb-stage//
Come to think of it, all these certi/prize distribution ceremonies are always a bore. Pff.

one of our students said that he would try not to get the highest marks in Environmental Education again!
Haha! No kid, do your best, ace all exams... just take care never to attend these award thingies again! :)

Butterfly said...

@Amiya Didi
Yeah, the comment is late, but it is really great.:-)
Thanks for sharing your experience.And, I went through something somewhat similar that day.