Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Barso re Megha"


That was the sound by which I was awaken yesterday morning. And, what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be!! It was raining! The sound was that of thunder. So, along with millions of other Kolkatans, I was convinced that the Monsoon had arrived. FINALLY!!!

We had actually received the first rains of the season on 8th June. But, that had not been enough to keep away the heat. And, the heat this time was aweful. Simply aweful. Very hot, with the sun dropping fireballs and very very very humid. So, naturaaly, the one-hour rainfall on the morning of 8th June had been highly dissatisfying.

But, yesterday’s rain (106 mm), accompanied by thunder and lightning(thunder and lightning like I have never heard or seen before) has made it very clear that the monsoons have arrived in Kolkata. I must say that the timing is perfect because my school reopens this Monday and I won’t have to face the heat, at least. But, it was sad that seven people died in one morning.
Nevertheless, everyone is relieved.


Rohit Talwar said...

Lucky bums! x(

~ Deeps ~ said...

good luck for new acad yr :)

Jayant said...

Seriously, lucky bums! X( :(

Aarbee said...

Enjoy the rain!! :))

Woodsmoke said...

Congrats on the rain. Did your Mom or Bonu make anything special to commemorate the excellent day?

(Duto chhoto jinish. Ei post e kichhu kichhu banan bhool hoyechhe. Ar erokom banan jegulo tui nishchoi janish, tai bollam. Secondly, onekei lekhar shomoye ektar beshi exclamation mark use korey. Sheta bhool ar undesirable.)

Butterfly said...

Yeah, we're lucky. But, by now, u have become lucky too. I heard that it rained in New Delhi yesterday.

Actually, my school is reopening after the summer vacation. My new academic year had started in April itself.
But, Thanks for wishing me luck.:-)

Ha Ha! :-D


Nothing special really, because whenever Bonu prepares khichudi to celebrate the rainfall, it invariably stops raining from the next hour.
(Bhoolgulo korar jonye tomake sorry bolchhi. Porer baar theke aar erokom bhool hobe naa. Exclamation mark-er byapareo kheyal rakhbo. Amake bhoolgulo dekhiye debar jonye "Thanks".)

Kanu said...

RAINS.....nice. and all the best.

@ woodie...

loved the way you did your little thing...sweet...couldn't help asking a friend to translate...respect u more now.

Aritro Dasgupta said...

Hmmm...the rains here were quite as good as they were in Kolkata.. WE possibly needed the showers even more...

Old MacDonald said...

You always write beautifully. This post is additionally refreshing because it talks about rain, which brought relief to all of us.

Titash Roy said...

Sayantani's correction was well made, and finally the monsoon is here, ait is really such a relief

Titash said...

@ woodsmoke

You gave an effective example of lingual encryption.

Subhadip said...

I was woken up by the same sounds! It was such a relief after the unbearable heat and humidity! We had muri with telebhaja in the evening, and litres of tea throughout the day! Bengalis just have to celebrate everything with food, isn't it?

Chitrangada said...

hey enjoy baarish n my fav wrd for monsoon is


cos i consider myself as mendhaki

Butterfly said...

I got wet in the rains today.

@Riju Dada
All of us needed the rains equally. The heat in Gurgaon is quite different from the heat in Kolkata.
Thanks for visiting my blog.:-)


Indeed my cousin is such a darling.:-)

@Subhadip Da
Muri with telebhaja? Nice. Telebhaja bhalo, kintu muri khub baje.
Aar khabar diye celebrate kora to puro Bangali style.:-)

@Deepti Di
Mendhaki? But, why? :-)

Chitrangada said...

mendhaki isliye cos jab bhi baarshi hoti hain i just feel like dancing singing :D