Thursday, May 10, 2007

"The most disappointing day of my life"

Three days back, we had been asked to write an essay at our English tuition class. The topic was “ The most disappointing day of my life.” Initially, the essay may seem really easy to write. But, once you write down the title, and make a move to write down the first word, the most difficult part of the essay pinches you hard. Which was the most disappointing day of your life?? Again, you may think that there have been many disappointing days in your life. So, that’s not a very difficult question. But, it is. It becomes really difficult to choose one day as the most disappointing one of your life.

The result was that 15 students started pondering hard, trying to figure out the day when they had been really hurt. When our teacher asked us the reason for which we were sitting , one boy named Ankit said that there is no disappointing day in his life!! Our teacher said, “ No disappointing day! Such a lucky guy, are you?” This was told very lightly, but what she said next confused us even more. After five minutes or so, we would have to read out the part of our essay which we had written. So, everyone at least started writing something( No matter what it was). Finally, I decided to merge a few incidents together to make up the most disappointing day of my life. I merged very minor incidents together . But, the focus was on one significant incident. My father had applied for a transfer to Kolkata after being posted at Guntur for two years. But, his plea had been rejected. So, he had to live in Guntur for another year.

Now, let me ask you the same question: Which was the most disappointing day of your life? Do let me know this. Also let me know whether you founf this question difficult or not.


Richa Bhardwaj said...

Hmm. Definitely a difficult question.
I think I'd rather not dwell too much on the question because remembering disappointing things don't really do you a lot of good. At the same time, I also wanna say that nothing so big or something with that big an impact has happened that would make me want to term something as 'the most disappointing day'.

But I understand, you HAD to think and write about the same. Weird topic, I feel.

Rohit Talwar said...
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Rohit Talwar said...

I hate these weird topics, man. They're in fact so dumb.

Can I *please* talk about yesterday? We were supposed to go for a movie, hang out and then go for beer. Well, it never happened (hurts to even talk about it) and then, I couldn't even order for pizzas! Ran out of Snickers too. Damn it. Certainly very disappointing.
*tries hard to cry.*

Woodsmoke said...

I would say every time an erstwhile positive relationship has had to end, whatever may be its nature, has been disappointing.

Woodsmoke said...

Just to add to what I said earlier, nowadays, the most disappointing day/moment is also when I don't get the "right" grade. There is a professor who is hell bent on giving me 89s out of 100, which makes it a B, a grade I am not fond of.

Jayant said...

I agree with Rohit. Hate it when teachers give such moronic topics for essays. What's even the point? Bah! X(
And I also agree with Richa in that trying to rememeber such incidents in your life is certainly of no use. It's in the past and it better stay that way.

And also, I don't think there's any ONE single day that I can pick out as 'the most disappointing day ever'. There are many such days to choose from.

~ Deeps ~ said...

there have been many, dont want to remember .....or rather i dont remember them also.........

Titash Roy said...

I share your classmate's view..I really don't remember any...may be I will like to think I am lucky!

lesser note:
I tagged you Sinjini with a image link..just lemme know if the image is really to your liking in case it is can send me a different image or send me the pay a is under Eccentric equals.

Chitrangada said...

really a tough one :)

but i i can write one here ..

most disappointing day was ..when a friend betrayed me ...

and i was wordless for 6 month ...

anyways :)

Butterfly said...

Yes, a very weird topic.:-/
But, u r right. It's better to forget disappointing moments.

I will not ask u the reason for which ur entire program was cancelled because, like Richa says, remembering disappointing things don't do u a lot of good.
But, I hope you'll enjoy urself the next time.:-)

I can understand that 89s out of 100s must be really disappointing. Now-a-days, even my target has become 90% because that's what I want to get in ICSE. So, when I imagine what'll happen to me if I get 89% in ICSE, I understand ur disappointment very well.

Exactly, there are many disappointing days to choose from. So,one can just merge a few disappointing incidents of his/her life and make "the most disappointing day of his/her life".
Even then, the topic is weird and difficult.:-/

You don't remember them?
That's good, because everyone here agrees that it's good to forget all those bad moments. :-)

Then, it seems that u, too, are very lucky.:-)
As for the image, I liked it very much.There is no need to change it.:-D

@Deepti Di
I can understand that you faced 6 disappointing months. But, I 'm glad u have come out of ur disappointment.
After all, we cannot waste life because one friend has betrayed us. We need to move ahead, don't we? :-D

Kanu said...

Ahem.....I kinda liked the topic....its rather interesting and I can feel the cells in my brain itching to get weird words out....

The question is not difficult at all. I would have simply written that the most disappointing day of my life was when I was asked to write an essay on the same topic and could really think of no day to write about!!!! The very idea that I am not able to write about something as trivial as a disappointing incident, when I tend to believe my life's been a roller coaster ride is disappointing!!! How dumb could I get really???? know what I feel is the essence of writing? I know I am no expert to give any advice but I feel (hoping it would help you in future when such weird topics are to be written about!)that writing is not supposed to be always about facts...infact it has to be about how you can take one word and twist it to make a meaningful statement. The most disappointing day would have turned insted of a sad discourse, a rather enjoyable read with just the right amount of sarcasm and joy that would make everyone believe that disappointments are varied...we move on and they just turn into faint memories not to be pondered upon.

And do I still need to write about my most disappointing day so far????

Butterfly said...

It does not matter to me whether you are an expert or not. What matters is that I got a valuable advice from you. I really liked this piece of advice. The next time I write an essay, I'll surely remember that writing is not supposed to be all about facts. In fact, after reading your comment, I feel I had been very stupid. Is Harry Potter all about facts? No.
But, it's my favourite book. It's a great piece of writing. So, I must not forget all this.
So, Thanks a lot for your advice.:-)

Titash Roy said...
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sherlock holmes said...

bah.....the got 53 in maths al becaus er silly mistaks....that...joyful(joyjit) person gav me...*&^%$#@#%$^

Butterfly said...

@Sherlock Holmes
53 in Maths? Good. Not because you got 53, but because in this aspect, u are similar to me.
I guess we can be friends then.:-)
Thanks for stopping by, and do keep visiting.
P.S. Sherlock Holmes is one of my most favourite characters.

elvis said...

oh my godi came to this for checking because our teacher also gave the same thing today for home work,. ... any this site reallyhelped me thanks

Butterfly said...

I am happy that I cud help you.:-)