Sunday, April 01, 2007


The results of my annual exam were declared last Monday. This time, I stood second. I was very happy after getting my report card. But, when I realized that I was 42 marks behind Krishanu( the one who stood first), I felt very bad. I saw that I had got less marks in Physics and Maths( 75 each). Well, It's not that I had expected to get more in Maths. But, the Physics marks came as a shock. I just don't understand why I scored so less. I had expected to get marks in the 80s. My marks in another subject shocked me even more. I have scored 77 in Bengali and the highest in Bengali in our class is 87. So, for my marks in these subjects, I could not get to the top this time. But, that did not hurt me because I have stood second many times before this. It was the difference of marks which made me think that I had not done well. So, after coming back home, I began to cry. My parents had started for their respective offices after dropping me home. They were perfectly happy and satisfied with my performance. But, I was not. After sometime, my mother called me and on hearing her voice, I basically started howling on the phone. Although she tried to assure me that she was happy, I felt that I had not lived up to everyone's expectations. Anyway, as the morning went by, my relatives started calling me. My mother had informed them about my result and my unhappiness on getting it. But, they told me that were really happy with my performance. All of them told me that, in future, whenever I'll be called for a job interview, I won't be asked about my performance in the annual exam of class 9. I will be asked about my ICSE and ISC results. Actually, the ISC result will be more important. So, there was nothing to worry. In fact, I had done well. From the tone of their voices, it seemed to me that they were indeed happy. As I was going to my English tuition that afternoon, I realized that this is not the end. I realized that next year's exam is far more important. I have a big opportunity lying ahead. And, most importantly, my parents were happy. At least, the smile was still there on their faces. I really had been very foolish while crying. Then, I also thought that I have done well in the other subjects. I've got 90 each in Geography and Biology, 80 each in Computer and English Grammar. And, I've got the highest marks in 3 subjects ( 91 in Environmental Education, 85 in English Literature and 95 in History). So, all these finally made me happy. And, from tomorrow, it will be a fresh beginning. I'll studying very hard from tomorrow for my ICSE.
I have also decided something else. I had always wanted to be a doctor. I knew that I would have to take up Science in class 11 for that because I would have to study Biology nicely. But, if I take up Science, I'll also have to study Maths. Physics and Chemistry are ok. But Maths!! It is horrible, horrible and still more horrible. I'll never be able to do well in ISC if I study Maths. I just hate that subject. On the other hand, I like all the Arts subjects likeHistory, Geography and English. So, that's what I'll be taking up in class 11......Arts.
Yesterday, I watched "The Namesake" with my mother. It is a very good film. It is a must-watch for all of you. Kal Penn and Tabu were wonderful, especially Kal Penn. He looks very good as Gogol Ganguly. Irrfan Khan was also very good.
Oh, and did all of u know this? The World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka is going to be held again. This decision has been taken collectively by the ICC. In protest, Bangladesh have resinged from the ICC.This news was published in today's edition of the Bengali daily Anandabazar Patrika. And, guess what!! Sourav Ganguly is going to be the captain for this match. Well, well, well.....Best of Luck to Team India!


Butterfly said...


A note about the last paragraph of this post:
After you have read it, don't forget that today is April Fools' Day. So, APRIL FOOL!!!!

Richa Bhardwaj said...

I didn't buy the last para!! I remembered the date. Hee! hee!

CONGRATULATIONS! You have done very well. Keep it up...and better yourself next year. 10th is anyway more fun than 9th.

And 95 in History is supercool. A special congrats for that. :-)

Take care.
Study well.

Rohit Talwar said...

The Namesake is an awesome movie. I love the transition and growth of Gogol's character.

And, now..
CONGRATS!!! *drums*
You've obviously made your folks proud.
But the way the marks-difference struck you is okay. I'm just glad you realised it isn't all you need anyway.

So.. celebrate! This is incredible news. *YAY*

All the best for your 10th. I'm sure you'll kick hard. :)

And yeah...the last para? Hahahaa. Good try, good try. :D

Woodsmoke said...

I would have believed the last para had it not been for the bit about Ganguly. Since that is something that is perhaps NEVER going to happen, I knew it then as your attempt to get our goats. :)

Congratulations on your perfect results. To me they are perfect, and it doesn't matter if Krishanu got 42 marks more or less. And I apologize for not replying to your email. Somehow blogging seems easier.

Congratulations also for the decision to take Arts. There is no point in taking subjects that you don't enjoy. Given the situation in our country, it is important that you do well in class 12, and therefore it makes sense to pick subjects that you will enjoy studying not just then but for the next few years as well. And our common grandfather's success story, although he took arts at a time when there were even less career options, should be enough inspiration.
Always, always, always, find things that you are passionate about...and everything else will fall in the right place.
Byas...onek ingriji boley phellam. Onek gyan o diye phellam. Ekhon onek potapot. Bhalo thakish. Tor shathe to onek din ping ping khela ta hochhe na. Dhongini Sengupta o daka hochhe na.

Kanu said...

Nice post kido.......and April fool was VERY OBVIOUS.

Alright...first and foremost....congratulations. Thats a splendid performance indeed and what are you doing worrying about your job interview abhi se? Just chill out kido. You are too young to worry about life's niceties. So congrats and All the Best for your new session...hope next time around you are jumping with joy and not crying!

~ Deeps ~ said...

congrats on ur results and believe me u did well, no one gonna bother abt how much u scored in class 9th....

and another secret.....
no one gonna ask u how much u scored in 10th and 12th also if u go for any of the professional courses or u score more than 70% (for normal grads ofcourse good makrs are required in class12th to get admission in good college as sayan said........)

but that doesnt mean, u shud stop studying :D, btw i dont think maths is necessary for class 11th and 12th if u wanna do medical.....there shud be a option

and yeah namesake is awesome..i loved the move......

Jayant said...

Yeah, you didn't get me with that last para. :) A few others, however, had better luck at that. :(

And congrats on your awesome result! Really don't sweat the small stuff. I'm sure you'll get the first rank in your boards. Just be sincere with your studies and don't let it get to you. Remember, the first step to success is believing that you can be sucessful. Ok, no snickering please. I know it's a very corny line. It was just a very bad attempt by me at being philo. :P

And I'm really looking fwd to seeing Namesake. There's just a tiny li'l problem stopping me from going for it. Exams! :((

Jayant said...

Where art thou?

Chitrangada said...

CONGRATS sweety :)

n don wrry about your marks cos they only matters upto 70% :d

so smile n start your new life :)

Richa Bhardwaj said...

New look!!
And a photograph too. Nice!! :-)

Rohit Talwar said...

New template!
It's supercool. :)

So when do we see a new post?

Richa Bhardwaj said...

Links in blue in the sidebar are blurred. You might want to change that colour.

Butterfly said...

Thanx.:-) And, I love History.
It's a pitty that I couldn't fool u.
Btw, the new twmplate was chosen by my dear cousin. The photograph too was her idea.So, the credit for this new look goes to her.:-)
I'll check the sidebars.

Thanx for congratulating me and also for wishing me luck.:-)
How cud u not forget that it was the first of April?? :-/
You'll see my next post very very soon. The template was chosen by woodsmoke.

Our common grandfather is the biggest inspiration behind this decision.
Looks like I couldn't fool anyone.:-(
ping ping!!!

Thanx.:-)I'll try my best to keep myself calm.
Looks like you all had been very cautious on April 1.

Thanks for congratulating me and also for sharing the secret.:-)
Even if Maths is optional, I won't opt for Science. I think I enjoy the Arts subjects more.

Thank you.:-)
By now, I have realized that I didn't get anyone with the last para.
And, I'm in Kolkata only. Couldn't connect to the net because of some connection problems at home. Right now, I'm replying to ur comments from a cafe. Couldn't wait anymore.:-)

@Deepti Di
When r u opening ur new blog?

Amiya said...

Congrats honey, these are great results!! Like everyone has told you already, these marks don't count for anything really. And if I had my ideal world, any marks wouldn't count for anything... what matters is what you learnt while attempting to get those marks, and the satisfaction - not marks - you get after an exam, with the feeling that you were able to do justice to all the time you spent on it.

And anyway, a 90 in Geography!! That subject used to totally GET me! And a 95 in History is awesome. I think you've made the right decision taking up Arts. I repeat everything here that Woodsmoke said (except the Bengali bits which I couldn't get).

I've seen The Namesake. Really nice movie, and yeah, great performances by everyone.

And no, didn't fall for that!! Better luck next time, hah!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention - LOVE the new look. Very... um, mature (couldn't think of any other word). Really nice.

Once again, congratulations!!
And good luck for the next academic year. Hope you shine like you did this year :)

Butterfly said...

@Amiya Didi
Thank U ( both for congratulating me and for liking my new template).:-)
Well, it's my bad luck that I didn't get you with the last para.:-/

rajiv© said...

I happened to find your blog today and it took me down a nostalgic trip down memory lane when little things mattered a lot ... you write so eloquently for your age and with such seriousness. I think you have a bright future ahead of you.

dont worry too much about marks and results. If you've done your best, not just in terms of putting best efforts but the best in terms of what interests you most about a certain subject, then its fair enough ... all things lead to another and help you find your final calling ...

I wasnt too great in studies, not that I couldnt study well, but I never studied anything that didnt interest me :o) so as you can imagine I was a regular nightmare for parents and teachers alike ... did okay in 7th std, not so great in 10 std .. and the pit bottom in the pre-university course, equivalent to 11th, 12th ..... that was a pretty low stage when everybody ran out of ideas to tell me what I should do, I myself didnt want to do the run of the mill courses, and dad of course said, do anything ... but do something :o)

my sister told me about this art college where I can get a degree in painting ( art was always my first love) and that changed everything for me .... and of course, got me where I am today, working as a designer

so you see, bad marks can be a good begining for the future sometimes ... if you follow your dreams ...

Take care and best wishes