Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Big Question

The first half of this year has lots in store for Harry Potter fans.

What will happen on 21st July,2007???

It is a big day for millions of Harry Potter fans across the globe. On 21st July, they will get to know the fate of their fictitous magical hero. Will Harry be killed by his creator, J.K.Rowling? Will she ultimately kill her protagonist after saving his life so dramatically in the previous six books? If you have read Harry Potter, you'll certainly know how breathtaking the last few chapters of each book were. Rowling had arranged the plot so beautifully in the last few chapters. She has done this six times. So, why can't she just do it once more? I do hope that Harry points his wand at Lord Voldemort and chants "Avada Kedavra". Just hope it's not the opposite. If Lord Voldemort kills Harry, we will witness the victory of the villain, the victory of the evil. We will not witness the victory of good over evil. But, then, that is the tradition. In all stories, we always find the good fellows winning. It need not necessarily be like that every time. Yet, it will be better if Rowling follows this tradition. She has millions of admirers. But, I guess her protagonist is a lot more popular than her. If she wants to get the same amount of love and admiration, she must not allow the victory of evil over good. Besides, we all know that when Sherlock Holmes was killed in "The final problem", fans all over the world had not accepted it. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had to make Holmes resurface in "The adventure of the empty house". Probably Rowling doesn't want anyone else to use the lovable character of Harry Potter to write their stories. She probably doesn't want anyone else to use the concept of Harry Potter stories, which are totally the result of her great imagination.

In any case, we, the Harry Potter fans, do not want Voldemort to live. We want Harry to kill him. I am sure Rowling knows that. And if she knows that, she must fulfill her fans' expectations. She already must or mustn't have fulfilled their expectations because she has already written the whole book. We are all eagerly awaiting the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" , when we will have the big answer to the big question: Will Harry live or will he die?

Before 21st July arrives, we will see more Pottermania. On 13th May,2007, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"(the movie) will be released worldwide. Most people say that the fifth part was not so good. But I think it was quite good. Let's see whether the movie is as good as the book or better than it or worse.


Butterfly said...
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Woodsmoke said...

I cannot tell you how often I am on various Potter sites these days, watching, waiting for the next book.
I had booked the 6th book at Om Bookstores in Gurgaon, and I remember on the morning of the release, had made Baba drive me to the store at 6:30 in the morning. Uff...that thrill! Then I had locked myself in my room, had switched off my cellphone, had barely eaten or drunk the whole day...only to immerse myself in the book until I finished it.
Probably none of this will be possible this year.
Have you booked your copy already?

Kanu said...

I remember when the rumours surfaced about Harry Potter's final book I was distraght just thinking...would she kill him? and to be very honest I am interested in knowing her part of the story because it is her story...but I was worried because I know my nephew loves Harry POtter and he is barely think the kind of impact Harry's death might have on him got me all worried. Another friend of mine, also an avid fan of Harry Potter series told me he would personally go and thrash JKR if she kills Harry.

My point is kido...its a lovely story. Its an amazing character and I want to read it. I am at peace because when I asked my nephew how he would feel if Harry was to die he had looked at me and said, " As Long as he kills Voldemort...its fine by me!"

Different people different reactions but again as a friend said...its what the author feels that should be the end of any story so be it. JKR has created Harry...and she can very well kill him...All I hope is that she does that in the excellent way she has created him...(IF she decides to!)

And oh yes...I personally Love The order of the Phoenix...I think it is one of the best books of the series. No change is the best book!!!

Subhadip said...

I haven't read all the books yet, but I have seen all the movies. Looking forward to the next movie.

~ Deeps ~ said...

well i think both gonna die......anyway lets see wat happens...eagerly waiting for the whole day gonna be dedicated to it :)

Butterfly said...

I will also dedicate one whole day to that book.:-) That day will, probably, be the only day during my class 10 session when I will not study.
I have indirectly booked my copy already.My results were declared on Monday.I stood second this time. So,Mammam and Baba have promised to give me that book as a present.:-) Also, Mammam has agreed to go with us to catch HP5.She had not wanted to go initially. But now, she must listen to me.It will also be a part of my gift.:-D
Directly, I haven't booked my copy. But, ASAP I will.

It's true that the story will end in a way the author wants it to end. But,I also mentioned the consequences of killing Sherlock Holmes.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had to make him alive once more. In this case,the author did not have the final say. But, I completely agree with you that the HP series is lovely and HP himself is an amazing character.
Your nephew is barely 7 and he reads HP too! That's wonderful. I like it.I started reading HP when I was 12. But before that, I had no idea that it was so fascinating.Otherwise, I would ceratinly have read it before.
HP5 is one of the best books. But,I think HP3 is the best among the best.

@Subhadip Da
After u watch the movie,please let us know how much u liked it.:-)
And, u should read all the HP books ASAP.:-D They are marvellous.

Both gonna die? U think that's possible? U know what, it might be.If Harry and Voldemort point their wands towards each other at the same time and say "Avada Kedavra" , they'll both die(only if the jets of light from their wands don't meet each other as in HP4).
Oh yes, one whole day will surely be dedicated to that book. This time I'll make sure that I buy it on the very day of its release.:-)

Kanu said...

Oh he does not read the book....He makes me narrate by page!!!

Jayant said...

I'm pretty sure Harry won't die. Rowling has been fuelling all these rumours about Harry's imminent death just to create even more hype around the last instalment(as if she really needs to). And it's working!
And I also think that it won't be Harry alone who kills Voldemort. He'll have help, loads of it. And all his dead comrades will reawaken one last time to help him. Oh, and I also think that Ron will die. Dunno why, but when all of us knew that an important character would be dying in the 6th book, I always thought it would be Ron. Dumbledore's death was, therefore, quite a shock! And Snape might die too. But, I wouldn't really bet on that.
Anyway, so no matter who dies, I'm sure Harry won't be one of them.

~ Deeps ~ said...

btw the book covers are out....more rumors in the air of the covers show the slytherin lockets.....dobbie hand in visible in one....RAB is ofcourse there........and dont forget neville, he gonna be one of the key characters at the climax.........blah blah blah........keep guessing :D

Chitrangada said...


m not Harry Potter fan :(

but looking fwd for ur book review :)

Butterfly said...

I'll still say he's wonderful :-)

Helloooo!!Welcome to my blog :-)
It was so nice of u to comment.
U think Ron will die? That'll be shocking. Yet, the most important thing is that Harry must not die. Maybe u r right. Maybe Rowling really wants to create a lot of hype around the last book. But, it is indeed, not necessary.:-)
Please do keeping visiting my blog.:-)

Yeah, it looks like we all have to keep guessing. The information supplied by u sounds thrilling.:-)

@Deepti Di
I know that u r not a Harry Potter fan. :-(
U had told me this when I had asked u on ur blog whether u r an HP fan or not. Anyway,I'll certainly dedicate one post to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' review.

Rohit Talwar said...

I'm with Jayant here!
"..I'm pretty sure Harry won't die. Rowling has been fuelling all these rumours about Harry's imminent death just to create even more hype around the last instalment(as if she really needs to). And it's working!"

And, after conveniently pasting lines from Jayant's comment, can I ask you a question? Would you kill me if I say I read the first two and never picked a Potter after that?!

Butterfly said...

First, let me know the reason for which u stopped reading HP, I would take the action accordingly.

Kavya said...

hi butterfly!! U must be having a gr8 vacation!! btw, u're done with ur exams, now it's my turn to face the music!! (pray for me!!!)

as for the final installment of HP, well this is obvious Voldemort is going to be killed by u said, the victory of good over evil is an inevitabllity.
as for harry's death, (hate to disappoint u dearie!) but that too seems very much on the cards.

the latest HP theories to surface is that Harry himself is one of the horcruxes!!! (u'd recall the repeated references in almost all the books to infant Harry confronting Voldemort and how in trying to kill Harry, voldemort actually ended up transferring some of his powers to him. not only that, Harry grew up to feel so intimately connected to voldemort..that both of them could sense each other, read each other's minds and so on.)
thus if a part of voldemort does exist within Harry, he too must die to put an absolute end to Voldemort.

wat do u think??

Amiya said...

Oh I'm just dying to get my hands on the 7th one!!! Feel like using a Summoning charm and the Time Turner and anything - everything - just for July 21 to be here!

And I really hope Rowling does not kill off Harry. If she does, it'll be an end of an era for me, really. I understand why this is what she wants, as an author, but for millions of readers around the world - many of them, very young kids - Harry has been a part of their lives for the past so many years and losing him forever would be... just horrible.

Anyway, she has done by now what she intended to do. Let's see what the 7th book has in store for us. Oh, July 21, be here!!

Swetank said...

You started reading HP at 12. I read my first at 20! Yes, it was only last year that I read my first, and then couldn't stop till I finished all six. Before that I used to think that they were for kids, and after reading tem, I wanted to remain a kid, not that I'm not. :)

I'm waiting desperately for the last book too but by the time I come back to India in August, the initial euphoria would've died down and the story would be out too. Let's see when's the earliest that I can read it.

I'd hate it if Harry dies, but if I were writing the story, I'd probably kill Harry too. Don't ask me why, I don't know myself, but I have a feeling I would.

Okay, think of it this way. Will you remember the book and the character longer if Harry dies or lives. If he defeats Voldemort and everything's fine, you'll be happy and since there are no more books to wait for, no more unsolved mysteries, you would move on to some other book since the comfort factor is there. If, on the other hand, Harry sacrifices himself for the sake of others, you'd feel for him for days afterwards, attributing to him ultra-heroism and making him a sort of cult figure.

Maybe that's what Rowling has in mind, and maybe she's just playing with the idea of repeating what Doyle had to do. If she kills Harry and the brings her back because the audience want it, imagine how much she'll sell. Definitely more than what she's selling now. You never know. This might trigger another 7 book Potter series. It might turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

So let's all be happy, and keep waiting!

Butterfly said...

Oh, Best of Luck for your exams.I know you'll do well.:-)
One of the horcuxes is Harry himself? From whatever you said, he might be. That complicates the plot even more. Btw, I have booked my copy of HP7 already.

@Amiya Didi
Yeah, I wish we had the Time Turner to bring July 21 here quickly. I have booked my copy of HP7 already.:-D
You are also right when you say that an era will end with Harry's death. We'll feel as if we have lost a friend.

By leaving this comment, you have made me a lot more cheerful. I will be more happy now while reading that book. And, what magical words have you typed! Another 7 book series??? That will be wonderful!!!!!! :-D

Rohit Talwar said...

@ Butterfly
I don't know really. I just never found it that entertaining. Just could never figure what's the hype about..because I could never become a fan. That's all. I was always running after Shashi Tharoor and well, the list is huge. But not HPs. I wonder why.

Does that make me err..abnormal?