Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back to a Cafe

After 4 years, I'm back to a cafe again.

Yes, 4 years. I know I am surfing the net from a cafe only for today. In a week's time, the net connection problems at home will, hopefully, be over. But, this evening has brought back certain memories .

I first discovered the fascinating world of the Net in 2001. I had then just opened my new email account in rediffmail. We did not have a PC at home. So, I used to go to a cyber cafe (called A to Z Cafe) every Sunday afternoon. My father would accompany me. I used to send emails to Woodsmoke and my uncle( Woodsmoke's father). They were living in Delhi at that time. So, those were really special moments. I used to share all the happenings of my daily life with them.
After sometime, my father opened an email account for himself too. Every Sunday, I would restrict my father's afternoon nap to half-an-hour instead of one. And, I would force him to take me to the cafe. In 2001, we went to Rajasthan with Woodsmoke, my uncle, my aunt and Riju Dada (Woodsmoke's parents and her brother)and in 2002, we went to Woodsmoke's house in Delhi. So, the way we counted the number of days left for us to meet in person ,via email, made me think that they were very close to me. It never seemed that they were many miles away. It also strengthened our relationship a lot.

When we bought a PC in 2003, those trips to the cyber cafe obviously stopped. But, after coming back to a cyber cafe obce again today, I feel that those trips to the cafe had played a very important part in my life. I can never forget those Sunday afternoons.


Jayant said...

Ha! Beat Rohit this time! Has to be a first for me. *Thundering applause*
Oh, this reminds of the first time I got my email account. Net was so difficult to understand then (not that it's much easier now, but I'm learning. :-) ) And yes, it does help you get closer to your loved ones living in far off places. Love the internet for that.
Well, hope your net connection gets fixed soon s that you can get back to your normal blogging mode. :)

Jayant said...

And I love the changes to your template. The background colour is awesome and all the colour combinations you've used are just perfect. :)

Richa Bhardwaj said...

Oh, that's an excited Jayant. Don't get to see much of that. :P

Coming to your post.
My first escapade to a cafe was, I think, in '98. A friend and I went and spent an entire hour trying to figure what Yahoo! was and how to make an email account. Funny experience that was!

But I agree, it helps maintain relationships with people who are far off. What better example of that than the relationships that Woodsmoke is maintaining from thousands of miles away. It still takes a lot of effort but definitely makes things a lot easier too.
To the Internet! :)

Rohit Talwar said...

My first time online was when I was in the ninth standard, I guess. I clearly remember it was for a new email account (it was the hot property that time!)

Later I realised the internet is THE best thing to stay in touch. Some of my closest friends had moved out of the city, after all. And we're still in touch as if nothing ever changed.

Hope everything is good with you. :)

Amiya said...

Internet is really the best thing to have happened to humankind in a long while :)
Keeping in touch, maintaining contact, finding old friends and re-discovering old friendships... it's all so easy over the net.

My first mail account was on Hotmail. Don't remember when exactly that was... class 6 or 7, I think, which would make it around 1999. And yes, took me a while to figure out my way 'round here... but once I managed it, there was no stopping me! :) The internet can also be a curse, y'know, inasmuch as it gets you addicted! :)

Kavya said...

ok this has to be like the gazillionth time im saying this..but it cud have easily been a 15-16 year old me writing this post..! u unfailingly manage to make me nostalgic by recounting these little details so simply yet so beautilfully..!
i acquired my first email ID in more or less the same manner as urself..only difference-i used to exchange emails with my cousin in Jamshedpur. My cousin was the one who had introduced me to google and rediffmail for the first time and i remember i was thrilled to death!
Also, i had started my first blog in a cafe itself! but the first domain name i created for my blog was somehow deemed invalid immediately after i'd posted my first ever post there..
that was painful! ;(

Kavya said...

oh i forgot to tell u this: u've just earned urself a fan for life;)
just never lose this innocent and honest streak that comes thru ur writings..proud to have u amongst us!:)

~ Deeps ~ said...

new template...goood, i like it but it needs few tweaking for users to read better (choice of colors of text should be little more light)

nice post...........i do remember fondly my first few months on net.......i opened my email id in 1996 (hotmail it was) from dept of electronics lib......started using net from home in 98 aug.......bought 100 hrs accnt from vsnl for 3500 bucks...........those were some days........waiting for even a smallest file to download or page to open up...........internet has played a crucial role in everyone's life.......

Swetank said...

My first account - Hotmail, class 11... that would be 2002, yes that late. I take time to get started with things, be it the Harry Potter books or the internet. Been to cafes a few times but don't really like it. They irritate me for some reason. Have got a queasy sort of an atmosphere.

I like the changes to your template, though I'd have preferred a slightly different shade of the same colour for the background. But it's your blog, and your choice matters, so don't listen to me. :)

Another thing that I want to say to you. I have been reading your posts regularly and I have to say that you have a way with words. You've got a knack for writing. There's definitely scope for improvement, but given your age and the informal forum you are writing in, it is commendable. Keep it up. Just one unsolicited advice, though Sayandi will be a better judge of that. Don't try and use the big words for the sake of using them. Writing is all about the flow and if any word, howsoever good, breaks the flow, it will stand out.

Just wanted to say it. Keep writing. I don't know if you plan to follow into Sayandi's footsteps later, but if you do, rest assured, I'll be the first one to buy your book, even if I have to stand in a line bigger than the one for HP7.

Butterfly said...

Yeah, u have certainly beat Rohit this time.:-)
I have already got back to my normal blogging mode. As we found out later, the net connection problems were minor.
Thanks for praising my new template. But, the credit for choosing this one goes to Woodsmoke.

Yeah, To the Internet!!
You actually spent one whole hour trying to figure out what Yahoo! was??? It seems very funny now. But, in '98, Yahoo! was very new.

The internet is, certainly, the best way to maintain relationships with people who are far off.
Everything is good with me.School and tuitions have started in full flow.
You had asked me something when you had commented on my post"The Big Question". I have replied to it on the same post. You can read it.:-)

@Amiya Didi
We do get addicted to the Internet.:-)
The best example is that I cannot do without blogging anymore.

Thank U for those lovely words. I am delighted.:-)
We seem to have certain things in common. Just like u, I too had been introduced to the world of emailing and blogging by my cousin (Woodsmoke).

Ok, I'll try to do something abt the colours.:-)Thanks for ur advice.
But, let me tell u that this template was chosen by Woodsmoke.

Why do u say that 2002 was late? I think it's absolutely fine.:-)
I'll try to listen to u and change the template a bit. Thanks for ur advice.:-)
Also, Thanks for the advice which you have given me regarding my way of writing. I always accept these suggestions happily because later on, I'll probably be following into Woodsmoke's steps. I'll do something of that sort only. I am also interested in journalism.
And, U r THE first person who has wanted to read MY book. Well, I don't know whether I'll ever write a book or not. But, if I ever write one, you'll be one of the first people to get a copy of it, free of cost.:-)

Samiran Ghosh said...

It feels great to revisit the times when opening an email id was subject to flaunt. hope your net problem gets over and we get refreshing posts from you.

Butterfly said...

Thanks a million for visiting my blog.:-)
My net connection problems are over and I have posted something new. Please do keep visiting my blog.:-)

Chitrangada said...

very nice post ..though i read this long back but i m cluless y blogger was denying my post comment request ..

anyways my frst introduction to cyber wrld was in 1998 ..n my fren vijay made my frst account on rediffmail ..which i still use as my copyrite mark on my painting ..loyal6 ..:P

n template is really warm n full of colors :)

Butterfly said...

Even my first account was on rediffmail and my present account,too, is on rediffmail.:-)
Oh, and Thanks for liking the template.

Anonymous said...

don't try to know my name. Actually your template is good but it's kinda very dark( whooooo! no hard feelings)
why not earn some cash with your awesome blog. just put in google adsense.

Rohit Talwar said...

@ Butterfly
I want a free copy too, okay? Please? :)
*points at a pack of Snickers.*

Butterfly said...

That's done then.:-)
You'll get a free copy too, provided a single copy is ever published.