Saturday, March 10, 2007

Phew! The exam is finally over. It was going on and on and on....specially the last week....subjects like Environmental Education and Value Education( stories from the Bible) were just irritating! I was also fearing that I might have pox anytime. Actually, one of our friends,Anindita, had come to attend a tuiton class even after getting pox. Thanks to her irresponsible act, I could have had pox too and would not be able to sit for the exam then. I was even more worried because in the last week, Amrita(another friend) got the pox. And, she had sat beside Anindita that day! So, it was obvious that Anindita had spread the germs. Anyway, I don't want to think about this anymore. Like every year, this year too my birthday came during my exams. This year, I shared my birthday with Holi(March 3). Holi/Dol Jatra is always celebrated a day in advance in Kolkata. But I had my Maths exam on March 5. So, I celebrated my birthday by studying the worst branch(Geometry) of my least favourite subject. The best parts of the day were the lunch-time and the dinner-time, since the food had been prepared by my mother and maternal grandmother.
This year though, the vacation after the annual exam is not going to be that good. The next session will be a very important one because we'll be in the tenth standard.After all, we'll be preparing for the ICSE exam, the first big exam of our lives. So, my tuition classes will be starting from the week after next. Anyway, the pressure will be less as long as the school doesn't reopen. There'll be enough time to relax and have fun. There will be lots of things to look forward to. The Cricket World Cup begins on Tuesday. It will be interesting to see what the unpredictable Indians do this time. I think South Africa have got a good chance of winning the tournament. England will try hard too. But probably they won't be successful.What do u think? Which team will win the World Cup? Also let me know who your favourite player in the Indian cricket team is and why. My favourite is Rahul Dravid for the beauty of his batsmanship. What I like the most about him is that he always plays for the team. Yesterday, I saw in the newspaper that some politicians have described cricket as a game for rich people who drink beer in the afternoon. I hope you all don't agree with this. It's absolute rubbish. India is a cricket-crazy nation. Every Indian, whether rich or poor is mad about cricket. It is ineed true that the other sports are being neglected because of cricket, but all these politicians are in charge of one sport or the other, as was reported in the newspaper. And, these are sports like shooting, rowing,athletics, football,etc.


Rohit Talwar said...

Starting for tenth so soon? :O
Chill outttttttttttt girl! But then, you look at it as the first "big" exam of your life.. man, I hate to think about studies. :-/

World Cup? Aarghhh my Uni submissions are going to ruin it for me. :| I have my hopes high this time (like last year) although the team is, yes, brilliantly unpredictable.
But whats funny is how people in every corner of this country have been praying for the team and stuff - its been all over in the news. Talk about passion!

Richa Bhardwaj said...

Oh, I remember Value Education. What a pain it was! Thank your God that you won't have to deal with that anymore.
And how can you not like Geometry? I don't like Maths either, but Geometry was always funnnn. You even get to keep your notebook superclean and make others jealous. :P
By the way, although I know you haven't started with 10th yet but since I know that you're a keen student...what English books are you gonna study now? Just curious!

Cricket!!! I haven't watched the game in a really long time but I love Sehwag in spite of his recent controversies. It's a pleasure watching that man play. Ganguly's loooong sixes cannot be beaten by anyone. And yes, Dravid is good at what he does - holding the team together. I hope India wins. I really do!
Most politicians are idiots. Ignore!

And I don't know how this happens but I always find a lot of things in your posts that I can relate to. Throughout school,my birthday fell during exams. It was always History or Maths or Economics that I used to be studying on my birthday. Sucked! But just a few more years and you shall hopefully come out of it too.
Belated wishes to you. God bless ya...

Butterfly said...

I'll try to be serious in my studies. At the same time, I'll try to 'chill outttttt' as you say. I think there will be some time to enjoy because our teachers say that class ten's studies are easier than those of class nine. :)
I feel sorry for u because u won't be able to enjoy the World Cup this time.:( Anyway, u try to 'chill outttttt' too.

Thanks for the Belated Birthday Wishes.:)
Geometry is fun??? Do you mean to say that you liked Similarity, Pythagoras' Theorem, Mid-Point Theorem and Area? :x
I feel like vomitting whenever I solve those sums.
This year, we'll be studying Julius Caesar. We'll be starting from Act 3 , having done the first two acts in class nine. Then, we'll be studying poems from the book 'Whispers of Immortality'(compiled by Anil Wilson) and proses from the book 'An Anthology of Short Stories'(compiled by T.H.Ireland).

Woodsmoke said...

Dr Anil Wilson was the principal of St Stephen's at the same time when I was there as a student. :)
More comments later.

Kanu said...

All I really want to say is...ITS PARTY TIME...Exams are over...go shake a leg girl!

Richa Bhardwaj said...

Hmmm. I wasn't good at Similarity. But I loved construction n all. That was fun.
And I'm feeling ancient. The books that we did were all different. Of course, there was one Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice), one complilation of short stories which was by Dr Wilson and another compilation of poems.
Chalo, good luck! And have lots of fun. Enjoy!

Subhadip said...

Hey... belated Happy birthday!

To answer the questions about cricket... of course India will win the world cup! That's typical Indian cricket fan answer for you... but to be frank, I rate India to be one of the favorites to reach the semi-finals. After that, it's anybody's tournament. One blazing knock (Inzamam in 92 semi-finals, De Silva in 96 semis) or rain (Duckworth Lewis in 92 again) or one ball (Klusener suicide) can change the story!

Best player in Indian team right now... hmmm ... I think the team is playing well as a unit, and there are backing each other up. It is important for Indian team to play as a team, and not individuals.

And who said cricket is for rich people who drinks beer in the afternoon? He must have forgotten, in the afternoon, there's the other innings! Cricket is played over the whole day! And it is true that 'lesser' sports are neglected in the country because of cricket. I know.... first hand experience!

~ Deeps ~ said...

Belated happy birthday gal :)
i hope u did well in ur exams and will get some really good marks :)

couple of things i wanna say out here......

10th is surely much more easier than 9th but why u think its such a big exam, the whole idea is that the Q papers are not set by ur school and ans sheets are not checked by school teachers...but if u have studied well, u shud hardly worry abt class 10th exams.....

also, i feel u r too much serious about ur studies, i hope u are not loosing out on other facets of life. studies are not everything.

cricket is one stupid game and having expectations fron india cricket team is the biggest act of stupidity we people continue doing always........if they would even show 10% of commitment thats shown by few of the other sportsperson, we would have won world cup 1-2 more times...........i do expect them to reach semis but dont trust them to fullfill my expectations also :)
in any case, hardly concerned abt it.......

Swetank said...

Hey! Belated happy birthday.

I know I'm guilty of not commenting on your previous post. I read it long back and even this one I read the day you wrote it but have been too busy these days.

I'll definitely get back to being regular soon, just give me a few more days.

In the meanwhile, take care and enjoy your 10th. It can be fun, no matter what Rohit says. :)
Oh and keep updating me on the world cup, I'm not sure if I'll be able to follow it as religiously as I've done for the past 3 cups.

Kavya said...

Hey!! welcum back!!
It's party time for u now! And yeah ppl are right when they say that 10th is much easier as compared to 9th.. so this year, try and take it a bit easy :)

and cricket a game of wine drinking rich ppl??? these politicians are only a few centuries late;) yes, It used to be gentlemen's luxury in like paleolithic age...not any more.
Just don't pay heed to them!!

And i believe, england and new zealand or even S africa have a chance this time.. but let's just wait and's so much more fun that way:)

Butterfly said...

It's written in our book that Dr.Anil Wilson is the principal of St.Stephen's College.But I didn't know he was there even during your time.:-)

It's party time for just this week.All my tuitions begin again from next week.Still, my school will not reopen until the 9th or the 10th of April. So, there will be enough time for enjoyment till then.:-)

The constructions which we did recently were,yes, fun.:-)

@Subhadip Da
Thanks for the belated B'day wishes.:-D
Yes,India can always reach the semis.I agree with u. Your comment was very good.:-)I liked it a lot.

Thanks for the belated B'day wishes.:-D
I am not really worried about my ICSE exam because the Q papers won't be set by our school and the answer sheets won't be checked by our school teachers. I just know that it is a big exam because later on in life, the results will matter. Also, it is an all-India exam.
I love to paint.:-)So, I have made up my mind to attend my drawing classes on Sundays even when I am in the tenth standard. And, it's not that I study day and night. I love doing other things like blogging, listening to songs, solving crosswords in the newspaper...So, I hope I am not losing out on other facets of life.

There is no reason to feel guilty if u have not commented on just one post.:-)But then, I am also guilty of not commenting on your latest post. I must say, it's really interesting. I tried out all the categories myself. The answers for me from two or three categoried matched with yours.
Yesterday, Australia beat Scotland by 203 runs and Kenya beat Canada by 7 wickets. Before that, WI beat Pak by 54 runs.That's what I know abt thw WC till now. But, these are all boring matches, except for the one between WI and Pak. I watched it. Pak team is disastrous this time.
Oh,Thanks for the belated B'Day wishes.:-D

Yeah, these politicians are very late.They should have lived during the time of Salazar Slytherin or Godric Gryffindor.:-)
Yes, waiting n watching is much more exciting.:-)

Swarolipi said...

heyy sinjini (sengupta) naaki butterfly bolbo?!
well my first ever comment on ur blog.. readsum of ur posts.. n the amazing comments:)
came on it thru sayantani di's blog!

ei kotha boli je first instance e tomar naam pore i aamar bhalo legechhilo.. coz aami sengupta :) and sengupta's n dasgupta's er proti ekta alaada fdeeling aashe.. dont knw if ths is communalism or sumthng :P
i hope not..
bt wht forced me to finally comment here was ur last post..
whch revealed tht u and me share our bdays too!!
n i also hav a spl liking for march borns!! ekhaane e to date o same!!!

so wht to say.. belated happy bday for one.. n wishing u all the best for ur life.. presently for ur results.. !! and also ur blog..
may u keep spreading a hue of colours like ur name.. titli does!
tk cr :)

Butterfly said...

Hi and welcome to my blog!:-D
Tomake ekhane dekhe khub bhalo lagchhe. Beshi bhalo lagchhe karon tumio sengupta aar amader b'day ek dine. Tai tumi ekjon unique correspondent.:-)
Amake tumi Sinjini ba Butterfly ba Titli ja khushi bolte paro.Amar shabkata nam pachhondo.:-)
Aamar ebong aamar Ma aar Babar sengupta aar dasguptader proti ekta bishesh liking achhe. Amar Ma biyer aage dasgupta chhilo.
Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me luck. Please keep visiting my blog.:-)
Btw,tomar blog aami khulte parchhi na. Tomar comment-er songe je link-ta achhe, tate click korle bolchhe je tumi ekhono tomar profile public koroni. Aar Sayantani Dir blogeo kono link dekhlam na. Tai, tomar blog dekhte parchhi na. :-(
Tumi tomar profile public kore dao. Amar khub dekhte ichhe korchhe je tumi tomar bloge ki likhechho. Etao jante ichhe korchhe je tumi Kolkatay thako naki Delhite.

Swarolipi said...

hey titli..
amaar blog chhilo ekta.. tobe aar blogging kori na..
amaar first post was dedicated to ur didi only.. bt aami eto lazy kichhu blog e likhi na.. 3 na 4 tei post likhechhilam!!!
tobe tumi porte paro..
otar link holo eita

btw.. u can keep it saved .. jani na kobe hotath kichhu likhbo.. lolz!!
aar Swarolipi naam ta aschhe i guess kenoki ekhon blogspot google er shathe linked :)

ta chhara.. aami delhi tei thaki :)
tumi to nishchoi aasho ekhaane... to visit ur mama?? taai na??
chalo we can surely keep in tuch.. coz now i wud (try and) be a regular visitor to ur blog...!!

bhalo theko..
tk cr :)