Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking back at 2006

Finally, 2006 is coming to an end. What a long year this has been! As I sit here, in front of my PC on the ultimate day of the year, let me just look back at 2006 which was dominated by studies.
1. In late February, my annual exam of class 8 started. The very first exam was Physics. I made a colossal mistake in that exam. The question paper had six long questions, among which we were required to answer four. But there was a printing mistake due to which the the question number had started from 2 and ended at 7. Although I saw this, I didn't observe this and thought that there were seven questions. Immediately, I decided to leave three questions and answer the rest. In the process, I lost 15 precious marks. Besides losing all hope of staying among the first three in class and getting the beautiful present of Harry Potter 6, I learnt a very good lesson. From that onwards, I always make sure that I attempt the required number of questions in an exam.
2. Surprisingly, I stood first in my annual exam, whose results were declared in March. From my mother's words I realized that this had been the result of sheer hard work. Two of my exams( Physics and Maths) didn't go well at all, but I worked hard for the rest. And, that clicked very well. Hard work really has no other alternative.
3. Before my new session had started in April, I had always imagined that life would be difficult in class 9 with seven tuitions. There would be no fun and studies would be everything. It turned out to be something similar only. But, after giving the first term exam of class 9 for 15 days, I was quite happy to be returning to my usual routine. For the first time, I discovered that tuitions not only meant studying, but also meant a lot of fun. By then, the groups of students at the different tuitions had become good friends with one another and so, the number of jokes and the laughter increased. Studies were there too. But, it was a different kind of fun.
4. I also discovered that doing project work is the worst, boring, tedious and time-consuming thing in this world. I've had to work harder for my projects than for my actual studies at times. What's really bad about projects is that their marks(20 marks) don't influence your result in a big way. Yet, you have to apply your best capabilities to complete them perfectly. In the ned, the marks you get in your theory (80 marks) decide your fate. Sometimes, if you get a lot of marks in theory, the teachers intentionally give you less for your project.
5. The most remarkable thing that I discovered in 2006 was BLOGGING. The credit for this goes completely to my cousin,Woodsmoke who introduced me to the fascinating world of blogs in July. Right from Wednesday evening, I start waiting for Friday afternoon because that's the time when I check my own blog and other blogs. It's always a welcome change after the first four busy days of the week.
6. Many significant events took place in my life this year which were concerned with things other than studies. Like, my parents' health detiorated a bit during May-June, but they recovered again during August. There were two tragic deaths which influenced the life of some of our close people terribly. We went to Goa during the Puja. Mammam was busy as ever in the first half of the year because of the Assembly Elections of Bengal. Baba got transferred back to Kolkata in April. My grandfather went through an eye operation in October. But the big change took place in my studies. All the above mentioned events took place. They brought with them different phases. Ultimately, we were able to overcome the bad phases and usher in the good ones. Last week, I won my last battle of this year when Baba was forced to buy a new mobile handset(coloured). I kept on telling him to buy a new one because his previous mobile had become very common with drivers and rickshaw-pullers. He didn't pay any heed, but that mobile had grown old and refused to work anymore. So, it meant victory for me.
I wish all of you, who are reading this blog, a Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true and may you be successful in the coming year.


Woodsmoke said...

Baby, I am so proud of you.
The world of blogs loves you too.
Let's think of some new ways of jazzing up your blog now. And yes, Happy New Year to you too.

Anonymous said...

Ah. School!!!
You know, I never, NEVER could clear any Physics exam in high school *cough* My attendance in Physics classes was not even 20 per cent. *hides his face* Hahaha - but I managed the darn finals, man.

But, seven tuitions in 9th? Are you serious? Hmm. The only time I took extra classes was high school. That too, Chemistry in school itself - err the teacher was extraordinarily cute!

Now that I have successfully told you how I was at studies - I'd just like to wish you luck with your studies. The fact that you're keen on being among the top three is incredible. Besht wishes!

And yeah - hard work pays. I've realised it time and again - college projects, Uni exams and everything else.

Hope 2007 is full of success and adventure for you. =)

Anonymous said...

Before I go on to discuss your blog...A very Happy NEw Year....its just my luck that everything reminds me of the steadily approaching middle age.........

School...and Physics...oh i cant begin to tell you what these subjects do to me...but...

I have been to your blog before but never really left a comment...for that I apologise....I remember wondering if you and Woodie are related...and I did get the answer...

You are good kid....just keep up the good work...Here's wishing you a very Happy New Year Once again....Wishing for all your wishes to come true...God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hey Sinjini! :-)
That's a lovely name and Sayani Di's blog has given it out for the first time. I always knew her cousin Butterfly.

I've visited your blog before but never really left a comment. Sorry about that.

Congratulations on having stood first in your last annual exams. The first and the only time I stood first in class was in the 3rd standard. And people still think that I'm a nerd. Misbeliefs! :D

You rightly pointed out that blogging is a remarkable thing. I started blogging in 2005 and am still addicted. It's just so much fun, isn't it?

You got your dad to change his phone but you know, my brother and I agree that our dad is just fine with the ancient handset that he has because it's probably the simplest to operate and otherwise the toughest phone till date and he loves it too.

So, wish you a very happy New Year too. Hope you do well in your studies like you always have.
And keep blogging. :-)

Anonymous said...

i won't tell you that i had a inferiority complex while reading the nice write-up on your blog because i believe that you are no longer a kid

and i ain't giving my blog name because i write crap

thank you and same to you for the wishes though


Butterfly said...

Thank you so much for jazzing up my blog.It means a lot to me that 4 different people other than you have given comments on my blog. This is exactly what I had wanted when I had started blogging--to make friends with many people. By the way, how was Torronto?

@rohit talwar
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your Besht Wishes.
I don't fancy Physics much either.:) But Chemistry is worse.You had a reason for liking Chemistry classes, but I don't even have any reason of that sort. Our Chemistry teacher at school belongs to the category of the most disgusting-looking people on this earth.

Thanks a million for visiting my blog and for wishing me luck with my wishes.
Even you don't like Physics like Rohit Talwar! Not that it is very good:)
But I've nver visited your blog.So, I'm going to do it now.

@richa bhardwaj
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog,congratulating me,wishing me further success and liking my name.Except for the people who are very close to me, no one has remarked my name as a lovely one.
Blogging is indeed a lot of fun. I am getting to know so many people.
I don't believe that you are a nerd:)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. But why don't u want to give your blog name? It may seem to us that we are writing crap, but those who will read our blog, may not think so. I believe that while blogging, one can write anything that one wishes to. If anyone doesn't like what we write, let us not care about it at all. That person will not read our blog, but we'll receive a huge satisfaction by pouring out our thoughts.

~ Deeps ~ said...

nice writeup young gal and wish u a happy 2007 :)
hope this turns out to be better than 2006 and u do better in all aspects of ur life.......
and yeah waiting for the potter book ....ahan...:D

Subhadip said...

Hope you have a nice 2007 Sinjini.

Keep writing.

Butterfly said...

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.
I too, am waiting eagerly for the Potter book:)
Thanks a million for visiting my blog. I'll keep writing and you keep visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I got here through your cousin Woodsmoke and I know now why she has huge expectations resting on you. Great piece of writing and I want to point out here that the essence of points 1, 2 & 3 in your post hold as much true for a 20-year me as they did to you. Age no bar to learning experiences, han. Or wait, am I 6 years too slow!

A belated Merry Xmas to you too, and hope 2007 turns out to be an awesome year for you & your folks. Keep blogging, you express yourself really well :)

Butterfly said...

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.:-)
Sorry for being late in replying to your comment.
Please keep visiting.