Friday, December 15, 2006

11th December

Of all the days in a year, 11th December is a very special one for our family because 18 years back, this was the day when my parents had tied the knot together. So, naturally, this year also, 11th December turned out to be memorable. Woke up in the morning and gave my parents the card I had made for them. I had drawn the 'Seven Wonders of the world' and had written down that my parents are more beautiful than the Seven Wonders and certain other things. Along with this, I gave them a boquet of artificial pink and magenta flowers, which I had bought with my pocket money. They were ecstatic and seeing their happy faces, my heart brimmed over with contention. Immediately after that, I went to school with my father. Both my parents had to attend their offices though. Incidentally, it was a crucial day at work for both of them. The day went well at school and at the English tuition class. My parents returned in the early evening. Then, we all got ready and went out for dinner. In an hour, we reached the restaurant, 'Mainland China'. It is a very nice place and what the three of us like about this place is that it is very well lighted. There are some restaurants where the lighting is so bad that you feel they are serving you bad food and in order to hide that, the lighting system is bad. Anyway, we first tasted Peppery Lemon Soup which was a bit spicy and very different from the regular soups taht we take. The main course included Rice Noodles, one duck preparation and Fukein Chicken. They were all superb. I tried my hand at eating the noodles with chopsticks and I must say that I did very well. The chocolate ice-cream with a cherry on top was the icing on the cake. So, this was we spent my parents' anniversary.
Knowing that we wouldn't be able to celebrate the whole day on 11th Dec, we had partly celebrated my parents' anniversary on 10th Dec. We went to City Center( shopping mall cum multiplex) to just roam about and buy a jacket for myself. Mammam said that I would be getting the jacket on the occasion of their anniversary:) After ransacking almost the whole of City Center, I finally got a blue jacket with a hood, which all three of us liked. Then, we had some chicken at KFC(Kentucky Fresh Chicken).


Woodsmoke said...

Looks like you had loads of fun. It's Kentucky Fried Chicken by the way.

Subhadip said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Looks like you had an awesome time. I can relate to the self drawn card that you gave your parents, and the wise use of pocket money.

Happy anniversary to your parents.

Butterfly said...

Sorry for not replying to your comment. Actually I had forgotten that I had not answered. So, when I saw that I had received 2 comments, I thought that one was from you and the other was my reply to it. Anyway, we did have loads of fun that day.
Sorry for not even looking at your comment.
I don't ever spend my pocket money on anything. But I'm ready to spend all of it on my parents.