Friday, December 08, 2006

Dhoom first, shock afterwards

Last Saturday, Mammam, Baba and I went to catch the evening show of Dhoom2. We enjoyed the movie very much. It is a good movie, with great locales, great action and all other technical things. But, the story is very bad. In the frist half the story is good, but in the second half, the story becomes a bit boring because Ash is not able to decide whether she should support the "Imandar chor"(Hrithik Roshan) or the "Beimaan police officer"(Abhishek Bachchan). It takes stupid twists and turns. Dhoom's ending was meaningful, but Dhoom2's ending is meaningless.
The star was definitely Hrithik Roshan. He is looking so handsome in the movie and he is at his best. He has simply bowled out Abhishek Bachchan( who, I thought, looked very stupid with his beard).He carries the film on his shoulders and if this film turns out to be a hit, it will only be because of him. What a performance! And, no one can dance like him. I don't know how he does it and it's such a delight to watch him dance to the tunes of the title track. John Abraham was very good, but Hrithik Roshan is better.
Sunehri's role is perfect for Ash. She does it quite well. Bipasha Basu is not bad either, but she doesn't have much to do. Uday Chopra is as good as he was in D1.But this film is worth a watch only to see Hrithik Roshan.
Yesterday, I had two tuition classes as I have on every Thursday. Mammam went to fetch me from my second tuition at about 7.30. We took a rickshaw and reached The Haldiram's bus stop. But before boarding the bus, we went inside Haldiram's and had Dahi Vada and coffee. Then came the most difficult task. We had to cross the road. This Haldiram's crossing is one of the most notorious places in Kolkata when it comes to traffic matters. After making sure that the coast was clear, we crossed this side of the road to reach the gap between the divider and were standing there with some other people, when suddenly people started shouting. Then, looking to my left, I caught a glimpse of a man who had just been hit while crossing the road. That one glimpse was enough to make my hairs stand on end. I immediately removed my eyes from that horrible sight. My mother clapped her hands to her mouth and told me not to look there. After that, we crossed the other side of the road with added caution and boared the first auto that came along. This was such a shocking experience. I felt weird. I agreed with my mother that it was completely that man's fault. He should not have taken the risk. People really ought to be a lot more careful while crossing the road. I began to think, why did the man not have a bit more patience? Why? If he'd had just a bit more patience, he would not have met this horrible consequence. We didn't know whether he was dead, but hopefully he was not. Hopefully, he's still alive and probably broke his hands or legs or something. Oh God, may he stay alive! The car that caused the accident was not caught, but the only thing that matters now is the life of that man and many others who use that stretch regularly.


Woodsmoke said...

Please be very very careful.
Love you.
Ping ping.

Transport India said...

The Dhoom2 critique was illuminating, and the second half more so - the first being fiction, the second being a fact....I have set up a website to address such issues as you have highlighted - careless drivers and dangerous crossings - if you had pics of that area, I would be happy to post them up as a problem and invite solutions....any interest?

BABA said...

My dear daughter
Inever knew that you write so beautifully. I too never you think so much for for that comes in front. I AM SO HAPPY. Keep your ideas alive and improve everyday


Butterfly said...
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Butterfly said...

@transport india
It is so nice of you to stop by and read my blog.Thank You so much for this. But I am very sorry, I don't have pics of that area. Still, since you want to help, I'll try to get pics if I ever go there for a purpose other than studying. I would be very happy to do something for my city.

Butterfly said...

Thanks for your concern. I'll try to be very very careful.
Thanks for reading my blog and appreciating it. Keep visiting.