Friday, February 12, 2010

My name is Sengupta and I'm not a fan of MNIK

I just returned home after watching the Hindi movie, 'My name is Khan', and in true 'My name is Khan' style, I want to tell Karan Johar, the movie's director, something. I want to say, ''My name is Sengupta and I don't understand your movie.''

I do not understand which is the focal point of the movie and I personally feel that this is the biggest problem with it. It doesn't have any strong storyline. It can neither be called a movie which spreads a message about autism( the disease the protagonist suffers from) nor can it be called one which deals with the plight of Muslims in the post-9/11 USA. The two themes have been ridiculously portrayed! They don't seem to mingle with each other throughout the movie. So, the end result is a long, long film, which is meaningless and boring. Even the way in which the autistic person has been portrayed in certain scenes, makes the disease look like something funny. Besides, there is way too much drama in the film. There was no need to have portrayed the hurricane in Georgia and how the protagonist's relief work there creates ripples across USA. Everything related to this hurricane looks so absurd!

I'll mention the good points though. Kajol, the lead actress, is brilliant and people should watch the film for her only. The first half of the film is also good and I realize now why it is good. Its good because it has a lot more of Kajol in it than the second half. It is the romance between Kajol and Shahrukh Khan which is worth watching. Shahrukh himself isn't that good in the movie but the two of them are very good together. And, I'll remember this film only for Kajol's performance. Oh, and also the song, 'Sajda'.

My name is Sengupta and I just spent a very disappointing evening with Mr. Khan...


Swetank Gupta said...

Also, why does Kajol keep calling her husband 'Khan' in the movie? Wives generally refer to their husbands by their first name, not their last.

The movie reminded me so much of Forrest Gump. Have you seen the movie. This felt like a rewrite of that, just that Tom Hanks acted way better than Shahrukh did. And I agree with everything you said about Kajol. She looks gorgeous in the movie, and brings life to every scene she's present in.

Gyanban said...

To play the devils advocate - I think it is a big leap for KJO from his previous presentations. SRK tries his best, besides always remember critiquing a movie is easy...making it is unfathomably difficult.

newsgroups said...

I am surprised about your confidence in your opinion. I mean, you know I am not a reader of adult's books and I would have thought: 'Well, I don't like the story-line, but as I am not into books, I just might be missing something.'
You are certain about your opinion. I think you are right. You are enough into books to recognize good stories. But to allow yourself to set aside that you yet have to learn, requires a certain level of maturity. My compliments!

R said...

I hear you, Smart One! :)

I hated it. Like every Karan Johar movie. Perhaps not that ridiculous, but as dramatic and pointless. Johar should be stabbed.

I hate SRK. But I recently saw one of his interviews with Barkha Dumbass Dutt (eeks.) and he was surprisingly smart and funny. I'll give him points for that. For once I don't disagree with The Person Who Can't Act.

Kanchan said...

I have not watched the movie yet but loved your post, specially the start & end. Keep writing!

Butterfly said...

Yeah, and even that kid was referring to his stepfather as 'Khan'! :-)
Nope, I haven't seen 'Forrest Gump'...

Kjo tried to work with a different theme this time, but I don't suppose the movie is a big leap from his previous presentations just because of that.Even a movie like 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' with the same love triangle theme was a better movie...more well presented. At least, that's what I think...And, I know that making a movie is 'unfathomably difficult' but if I don't like it even after all the efforts put in by the director and the actors, I am free to criticize it on my blog because my blog is about my personal opinions...

Hey, thanks! :-)
I was so irritated after watching the movie that it made me write a post such as this...

:-) You know what, after writing this post, I read good reviews of the movie in the papers and heard people praising it on television. So, I thought that I would be attacked for writing this post...But, now I'm so glad to see that you all agree with me.
But, SRK is almost always funny. I mean, he does have a good sense of humour.

Thanks! :-)