Sunday, February 28, 2010

My birthday

Different people celebrate their birthdays in different ways. Some like to go out with friends and have a blast while others prefer to stay at home and have a quiet celebration with their families. Some enjoy the surprise parties thrown by their families. But, I celebrate my birthday by sitting for exams!

Yes, I really was born at a peculiar time of the year--the time when all sorts of school exams are held all over the country. The result is that every year, I end up celebrating my birthday by sitting for the day's exam and preparing for the next day's one. When I was in the fifth or sixth standard, I used to feel very disgusted. I would see my friends lavishly celebrating their birthdays while I would find myself in mid-ocean on a day which is supposed to be the best day of the year for any person. I would envy them at times. But, gradually, I realized that my birthday is special just the way it is. If it really is the best day of the year, its good for an exam to be held on that day. Then, there are more chances of being luckier.

This time, my birthday on 3rd March is bigger than ever. That's because, this year, my twelfth standard board exams begin on that very day....the day I turn 18! I just hope that I begin adulthood by writing one of the best papers I have ever written. That is how I want to celebrate my the sense of joy, satisfaction and relief that I'll earn by writing the first paper of the most crucial exam of my life till date.


R said...

WOW, you worry too much! 18 is a big number, all the best with it. Soon, you'll realise your birthday is nothing but a date that comes and passes by and doesn't need too much importance. Good luck for the exam, I am sure you'll kick ass.

On another note, once exams are over, cut yourself some slack and have a bloody good time. You deserve it for the way you study!

Amiya said...

Hey, your Boards begin on the 3rd? All the best! Hope your exams go well, and after that - yes, like Rohit said, you deserve to cut yourself some slack and have fun. :) Good luck again!

Subhadip said...

Many happy returns of the day. Came to visit your blog at just the right time!

newsgroups said...

A belate happy birthday!
I hope that you had a splendid day and that it was accompanied with splendid marks.
I will write a longer post later.

newsgroups said...

Hi Butterfly!
What a strange idea that you always have to learn at birthdays! I know people who have their birthday on a special date (like December the 31th) And I know that they usually don’t have problems with the specialty of their birthday. But such a strange thing as having your birthday in the exam period and have to learn every year, I have never come upon. I would hate to have to learn at my birthday one year to the other. One lucky thing with this is that it’ll end some year.
Did you get good marks?
And isn’t this exam the last one of high school? Are you going to study now? (And what?)
Turning 18 is something special. I guess your parents have been very proud.
I hope you have had a good birthday-celebration, and have got nice presents. And to conclude: welcome in adult-hood!

Butterfly said...

Thank you so much!

@Amiya Didi
After a long time...Thanks a lot!

Ha ha! Thanks...

Thanks a lot!
Well, we'll get to know the marks only towards the end of May and after that, I'll get admitted to a college. I want to study English honours, but that depends on my marks. And yes, my birthday was good. I had to study but my exam was good. :-)