Sunday, August 02, 2009

Quick updates

There seems to be too many reality shows on television these days and some of them are so irritating. And people actually watch such things! The worst of the lot is probably 'Rakhi ka swayamvar' , aired on some channel. I was stunned to hear about the concept of the show from some of my classmates who waste their precious time to watch the show and I was even more stunned to see their enthusiasm about the show! How can people tolerate such programmes? Have people become so dull these days?

The Durga Puja is in the last week of September this year, which means the fun is going to be less, for different reasons. :-(

I went for an eye check-up today and was extremely relieved when the doctor said that I don't have any eye problems. Although I have not been facing problems with my eyes, I was almost certain that there would some hidden problem, major or minor because eye troubles are very common in my family.

I recently donated some money for the Cyclone Aila victims. This donation programme had been organized by our school and each of our students donated something, grudgingly or willingly. So, I was pretty happy because a month back,I myself had promised someone that I would send some money for the donation purpose, but before I could talk to my father about the money, some unexpected problems had cropped up. I had not been feeling too good about the whole thing, but I now I feel happy again. :-) Many students of our school are saying that the money collected by us will never reach the victims and will fill the school's coffers but I am not worried about that. I don't know what will ultimately happen to the money but by contributing, I did my duty and that itself is satisfying. At least, I will always know that I tried to help the cyclone victims...


R said...

Very well. One can't expect some news on TV. Even CNN IBN (not that I respect most people on that channel as well, but..) anyway. I just wrote about this too.

Well said about the contribution. It matters you did. The faith takes care of the rest of it.

B. O'Hemian said...

It's a good feeling to help others, isn't it? Doesn't matter through which channel you helped, what matters is that you helped :)
Good that there are no eye problems. Less said about reality shows, the better!

Woodsmoke said...

I hope you don't end up offending your classmates too much with your unyielding stand! :)

I, for one, am completely in love with Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. Almost every weekend in the recent past has been devoted to Rakhi's whims playing in the background, while I have gone about various household chores. Which is not to deny the fact that on several nights, I have actually gone to sleep having dulled my brain to Rakhiism.

I would totally vote for her to be on television all my life. My real life has way too much complexity and brain investment. Even the books I read are super serious. Let television be where I can escape.

newsgroups said...

I also don’t like reality shows. (In fact I watch very few television. On the moment only the daily news and 90210.) I took a look at reality shows once or twice and immediately knew that they were nothing for me. The people in those shows lack any interesting thing. You then realize that entertaining people is a profession, and that not everyone is able to entertain. The people in the shows also were of the kind I would never be friends with. So I immediately got a feeling of avoiding them.
There are also reality shows which follow the life of a star. I think those shows are better. You can see that a star has talent for entertaining people.
But also watching those shows end up very low in my priority list. I have so many other interesting things to do!

Good that you don’t need glasses. I remember buying my first glasses: we spend hours in the shop, because all glasses made me look ugly and I could not choose!


B. O'Hemian said...

BTW, you are tagged. See this

Butterfly said...

Oh, I'll read your views then. :-)

Yes, it really did feel good to help the victims, specially when I had been thinking that the help on my part would not be possible after all.:-)

Am I surprised or what! You, of all people, have been watching Rakhi! Anyway, you have your reasons...

Unfortunately, very few (or none) reality shows shown here are interesting...

Yeah, choosing glasses is a difficult task because I've seen my parents do it!:-)

@Subhadipda again
Oh, I'm sorry that I posted something else before reading about the tag. But, I promise that my next post will be about the tag only. :-)

Amiya said...

It's funny how some school things remain the same irrespective of time and space differences. :) Every time there was some donation drive in my school, everyone used to make these sinister know-it-all comments about how it would never reach the intended people and that the principal would just make an extra bedroom in her house from all that collected money... but now you know I've come to realize that these school authority folks are not such chors, and that your money most probably (hopefully) will have reached the victims. :) And good to see you cared so much.