Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pottermania yet again

For the last one week, Pottermania has been at its peak in my house, thanks to me, of course. I was extremely excited about going to watch a Harry Potter movie after two years. And, 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' has not been a disappointment...

Firstly, the movie is better than its predecessor, 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'. While some important parts had been eliminated from that film, all significant(and insignificant) incidents from the original story have been included in this film. There's just one event which has been totally altered, probably to add to the adventure, but I must say, it hasn't worked too well. It seemed a bit like our Hindi movies! But, this fault has been completely overshadowed by the brilliant cave sequence towards the end of the movie. Harry Potter and Dumbledore visit a dark and very dangerous cave in order to find something really important( won't mention what it is; will have to give away half of the story if I do) and everything in that sequence has been portrayed wonderfully. It seemed as though it had been copy-pasted from the book. Both Sir Michael Gambon(as Dumbledore) and Daniel Radcliffe(as Harry Potter) have performed exceptionally well during that sequence. Throughout the movie also, Sir Gambon's performance was much better than what it had been in the previous movies. And, no matter how Daniel is criticized for not being able to portray Harry's feelings and spirit well, I still believe that no one else could have been a better on-screen Harry Potter. I still feel that he has acted very nicely even in this movie...

The opening scenes of the movie have been brilliantly shot and as for the other actors, Tom Felton deserves special mention. Tom Felton plays the role of Draco Malfoy. He has been superb in showing to the audience just how much Draco feels helpless and scared and at the same time, just how bravely and determinedly he behaves. Rupert Grint, playing the role of Ron Weasley, has impressed with his great comic timing. Emma Watson as Hermione Granger and Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley were perfect and have also added a kind of charm to the movie.

As a whole, the movie is a must-watch. Its been two and a half hours since the movie ended but I'm still absorbed in it. I enjoyed the movie a lot , more so because the wait for it has been very long. Now, as I finish writing this post, I slowly return to the world of Muggles ( that's the world of non-magic folk) and realize that my exams begin from Monday , the day after tomorrow and so, the coming week, starting from tomorrow, isn't going to be so magical after all!


B. O'Hemian said...

Knowing your passion for Harry Potter, I can imagine how excited you must have been. Just one more to go though - right? What will happen to the Pottermaniacs then? :)

Best of luck with your exams.

newsgroups said...

Maybe your exams will have a magical tough! Who knows?

Kanu said...

@ buterfly

I was counting on you to mention about the movie.........nicely done I did say as well. Though a little disappointing but i agree its so much better than the last one was....especially Dumbledore........what a relief to see the awesome character...too sad it was when he was about to die!!!!

@ Subhadip

Sad thought indeed....but as far as i have heard they are making two movies with the last book........light at the end of the cave!!!!!!

Woodsmoke said...

If I have to rate the newest Potter offering, I will give it a 4/10. I did not like it much as you can see. Daniel Radcliffe, in my humble opinion, should give up acting and become a shepherd. The scenes were jumpy and choppy. The unnecessary scene that was created for the movie, I felt, was a complete waste considering how packed the book is with information. Bellatrix is a mere caricature. She does nothing except blow hot and cold.
The Death Eaters do nothing even upon breaking into Hogwarts, which is what they were supposed to. Except they stand in a tidy line, even Fenrir just watches events mutely. At the end, when Dumbledore has fallen, everyone makes a circle and waits for Harry to break the circle and approach Dumbledore like in a cheesy Bollywood scene.
Sorry to spew so much venom on your blog, but having read the book about five times myself, the movie, was not what I expected.

I am said...

You are absolutely right about the cave and the sea. I was too overwhelmed to see such a brilliant presentation of JK Rowling's imagination.

Inspite of other important deadlines to meet I could not resist not retreating to the magic world by reading DH, again.

Though the Dumbledore's death needed more work.. but the movies are never a perfect copy of the book. so I was quite happy..

R said...

I detest everything Harry Potter so I am in no position to leave a comment that'd make sense.

Thank god for that, I'd say. :) all the best for your exams! I am sure you'll do well.

Butterfly said...

Yeah,I was super-excited!:-) Its true that there'll be nothing new for the Pottermaniacs after the last movie releases,but I guess they'll still retain their mania with the help of seven books and seven movies(or as Kanu says, eight movies)...
And, thanks for the best wishes!

I hope my exams got the magical touch...let's see whether the results show that or not!:-)

Well yes, the movie was disappointing in parts and did not have the perfection of the fourth or the first films....But, overall it was really nice.

Shepherd? Oh come on, he wasn't that bad!Besides, I don't suppose anyone else could have suited the role better than him even if that person would have acted better.
I would like to know though, the reasons for which you have given those 4 marks to the movie. I mean, why not less? Which things about the movie deserved those marks? I remember that you had once rated a Hindi movie 0.5/10!

@I am
I guess the movies can never be made as perfect as the books because the books are quite long...So, some scenes always have to be eliminated but its bad when they remove something important...

Thanks for the wishes! :-)