Friday, November 14, 2008

Black and white

In my last post, I had mentioned that I would be a starting a new paint blog soon. But, following Subhadipda's suggestion, I would like to post my paintings on this blog itself. This is the blog which is very close to my heart and I don't want it to get less attention.

So, the above picture is the first of those paintings done with the mouse. Hope you like it!


Aarbee said...

It's awesome!!

newsgroups said...

Hi Butterfly,
Yes I like it. I don't know anything about art, but your picture somehow has spirit. Keep posting your paintings.
B.t.w.: I had to laugh a bit: where are those colors that you promised us in your latest blog?

Woodsmoke said...

I can barely negotiate my laptop with the mouse. Drawing using a mouse would be a Herculean task for me. This is great.

B. O'Hemian said...

Good job. Thanks for taking my advice.

Good point by Nanny :)

Butterfly said...


The colours will come soon...

Thanks a lot!

You're welcome.:-)
And, you'll see the colours soon...

I'm so glad you all liked it!Gives me more confidence.

Butterfly said...

Goodness! That really is some collection of Enid Blyton's books!It is such an achievement and shows what an ardent fan you are. Nice sites and your childhood photograph is so pretty.:-)

Scribbles! said...

Wow butterfly...real good work....want to see more..n see if u could put up some of ur hand painted ones too.

Butterfly said...

Thanks and you can see more now.:-)

Amiya said...

Oh my, this is fantastic! Really, I couldn't believe you drew it with a mouse when I first saw it. Absolutely brilliant work. I guess I'm all the more impressed because I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to drawing :) Really, really wonderful. You're very talented, keep up the great work and keep sharing it with us, I for one would definitely love to see more.

Butterfly said...

@Amiya Didi
I am so glad you appreciate. Thanks a ton!

Gauri Gharpure said...

very artistic..