Friday, October 31, 2008

Something colourful

A white paper, a pencil, a box of tubes containing water colours, a palette to choose and mix the right combination of colours, numerous brushes and a conatiner of water...or tubes containing oil colours instead of water colours and the container of water replaced by two tiny containers of oil...

Whenever I paint, my mind is burried in these things. A slight slack of concentration and the picture may go horribly wrong, especially with the water colours. But, its never difficult to get totally engaged in what I paint because I love to paint. It always keeps my mind away from other worries and after a good painting session, the mind feels refreshed. It is also a treat to see my own paintings after finishing them if I am really able to do a good job.

But, unfortunately, these studies don't let a person do anything else. Sometimes they are so mean! So, although I have been continuing my painting classes, I have not been able to painting the time it deserves. I don't suppose I will ever be able to give it that time ,which I used to give it three or four years back, ever again. But, since I devote a lot of time to blogging, I have been wondering for the past few days about combining the two activities together. If I start another blog and use it only for posting my computer and mouse paintings, it would help me to devote time to painting and become something new in my life. So, I have decided now that I will start such a blog. I will post the URL here so that you all can visit it. I hope you will like my paintings just as you have admired my writing.

I must add here that I first got the inspiration to start a paint blog after seeing Deeptidi's (Deepti Siwal's) paintings on her paint blog, Marasim. I don't know why she stopped blogging and can't be seen in blogosphere anymore now but as long as she was there, she created magic with her paintings. I too want to do the same...hope you will encourage me.


Woodsmoke said...

I am sure we shall. Good luck.

newsgroups said...


I know what you mean with painting. I have the same with writing: a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and let the story begin!
When I don’t write sufficient frequently, it starts itching in myself. Then I start seeing stories everywhere.
About having time to write: I can tell that my writing lowered too during my study. It’s only when I started working that I could pick it up again. But also only then when I explicitly created time for it. Now I am working 4 days a week, and the fifth day is reserved for my writings (and for maintaining my internet-pages). And it’s wonderful! I feel privileged.
So although I agree that the free time won’t come up like it was in your childhood anymore, it won’t get away totally either.
I am curious to see your paintings! When they are as good as your writings then I envy you to be able to do both so well!

Now about your photo. I have to be careful know, but I don’t like it!
Somehow I think it is not real, because I think it’s not who you are!
That hand in the lower-right corner, is that yours??


B. O'Hemian said...

You know, the funny thing is, right now I am reading a book about a painter who gave up everything else in his life to paint. It's called "The Moon and Sixpence", and it's by William Somerset Maugham.

Two things you might want to consider:
a) Why not get your water colors scanned and posted? Painting with the mouse is a different art form, I think (and Deepti does excel in that).
b) Why not post your paintings in this blog itself? Getting a new blog almost invariably means after some time, one blog loses attention / interest. You could tag the paintings and logically keep them together.

Whatever you choose to do, rest assured, we will be with you.

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

So when is the first painting up?
We will be waiting.

Soorma said...

u look funny out there!how did u do it?!!

Soorma said...

u look funny !!how did u do it?!!!

Soorma said...
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Rohit Talwar said...

Oh, awesome. I'd also told you you should share your paintings with everyone. I'm looking forward to it now. A new blog or this page itself, please put them soon. And yeah, please scan the ones you did over these years too. :)

And yes, studies won't let you do anything you like to do unless you want to keep studying to get into some big college etc. So make sure you devote enough time to activities you like. I let my job overtake my life some time ago and now that I've reallised it I am trying to put everything back together.
Good luck.

Butterfly said...


I don't suppose that my paintings will be as good as my writings, but I'll try my best all the same.
You, btw, don't have a blog. So, do you write somewhere else on the net? I am enthusiastic to read some of your writings.:-)
The picture isn't real, as you have rightly guessed. There's a website called If you submit one of your pictures on that site, you'll get to see yourself in different styles of the years gone by and then, its upto you to choose any one of them.:-)

Well, ok. I'll consider one of your suggestions and will post my paintings on this blog itself. This blog is so close to me and I won't want it to receive less attention.
Glad to know that you're with me.:-)


Do I look so funny that you had to post the same comment twice and if I am not wrong, had initially posted it thrice?:-)
Anyway, in answer to your question, visit the site, submit one of your pictures and you'll understand.:-)

Thanks. :-)
Now I think you realize that I don't study for 8-9 hours every day.:-)

newsgroups said...

Hi Butterfly!

No, I don't have a blog about myself. Only a small one about writing (in Dutch). But I do have an internet-site. All sites on are mine.
Unfortunately most of the sites are in Dutch, but at least you can view pictures. is about myself, and you can view pictures of me there. (I must make an English version of that site soon.) is my site about the Dutch books of Enid Blyton.
I am a huge fan of Enid Blyton, and I am very active in the Yahoo!-group Blyton (
And frankly that's the place where you can find most about me in the English language. I do regularly write messages to this group.
Related to this group is the site on which members of the group have put pictures of themselves:
I do have a section there too (under nanny).
I hope you like my sites. I like it that you asked! Thanks.

I am glad that the picture on your blog is not real. Don't ever think about taking such hair!

B. O'Hemian said...

Thanks :)

You have some collection of Enid Blyton books. Awesome!

newsgroups said...

Hi Woodsmoke!
Thanks! And it has even grown since then. Now the store really is full. It’s lovely to have those books.