Friday, July 25, 2008

She's here!

Usually, for me, Tuesday happens to be the worst day of the week. Somehow, I always want them to end as quickly as possible. But, Tuesday, the 22nd of July,2008, was bright and cheerful right from the morning. The weather was beautiful. It was neither drizzling nor was it too humid. A very pleasant wind was blowing. All this perfectly matched with the fact that we would be going to the airport that night to receive my cousin Woodsmoke.

I would be meeting her after two years. During these two years, we have mostly communicated through blogging. We have sent emails but not regularly and when we used to talk over the phone, those five minutes of talking were too less to express our sentiments properly. Unfortunately, I did not know the Google Talk formula for a long time and when I came to know about it, I could not download it properly. So, I was counting the days and the nearer her arrival time drew, the more excited I became. So, the most recent Tuesday was very promising.

My uncle and aunt(Woodsmoke's parents) came to our house in the evening. After having dinner together, they went to the airport along with us(me and my parents). It takes just about 15 minutes to go to the airport from our place. So, we were there in a flash. After a few moments, board showing the schedules of different flights informed us that the flight from Frankfurt had arrived at the expected time(11.05 p.m.). Those were some moments! My excitement and impatience was increasing every minute. The first passenger to come out was a swarthy German man. As my aunt and me were standing in front and smiling widely in happiness and in the hope that any moment we would see my cousin, that guy smiled back at us. Probably, he had thought at first that we were the ones supposed to be receiving him.Anyway, then two more Germans came, then an Indian family, then three Koreans and so on. But where was Woodsmoke? Just when we were thinking that she would be the last passenger to show herself, we saw her coming! As she came closer, I saw that she was looking extremely pretty. Her smile somehow looked more charming that night.

But, I won't be able to say that the Tuesday was 100 percent good. When I was returning home in the evening after attending school and tuition consecutively, I fell down from the autorickshaw. I am used to sitting on the front right side seat with my bag but that day I was a bit absent minded. My right leg was very badly injured. I didn't realize its seriousness on Tuesday because of all the excitement. Besides, there was only a burning sensation on Tuesday. But, the wound started showing its real colours from Wednesday. Yesterday, I was walking on one foot. Couldn't even dream of going to school. Today though, its much better and tomorrow nothing will stop me from having a grand time with my cousin.


B. O'Hemian said...

As you might know, I met her yesterday, and for a brief period, you father too! This must be the first time that I met my friend's father before meeting my friend in person :)

I heard about your accident :(
Really hope you get well very soon. And you know Rohit is coming soon too. We can all meet up then.

Swetank Gupta said...

Ah well! You get to meet her finally. I wish I could too. But you guys have fun. You also going to Bangladesh with her? In either case, don't forget to bug her for me! ;)

~ Deeps ~ said...

so she is finally here.....tell her to sms her india number to me.......when we can talk to her...
u take care gal and get well soon :)

Dhrubo said...

I do hope you get better soon....have fun with your cousin and enjoy the fact that you can skip school!

Amiya said...

Nice nice, cousins meeting after a loooong time :) How long is Woodsmoke staying in Calcutta? Have a great catching-up on this & that with her :)

And aw crapppp, really sorry to hear about your leg. Hope you get well real soon. Take care.

Titash said...

have fun!

Rohit Talwar said...


And yeah, as dadu said, I'm there in two weeks - not for long though. Let's see if we can all catch up :)

And take care of your leg. Get well soon.

SPIRITed! said...

Enjoy! Cousins are the best people on earth!

Sukanya Guhathakurta said...

I guess you are really lucky to have an elder cousin sister as Woodsmoke.Isn't it??

Butterfly said...

Yeah, I know all about the meetings!:-) I heard about them in different styles from my cousin and my father.
Also heard that Rohit is coming. Hope we really can meet up.:-)

No, sadly, I have not gone to Bangladesh with her because my school and tuitions are on.:-( In fact, none of our family members have gone. Circumstances have not permitted...

She had asked me to email her India numbers to you. Well, I tried to do that but unfortunately, the mails bounced. If you have a gmail account, you can specify that in a comment on my blog. When she comes back from Bangladesh, You both can communicate through Google talk from my computer.:-)

I would have enjoyed the experience of skipping school if it would have given me a chance to enjoy with my cousin or in any other way. But, those three days when I had to skip school were horrible because I had to sit at home with a lot of pain in my leg.:-(

@Amiya Didi
Woodsmoke was there in Kolkata till Friday morning. She'll be here again on the 13th of August after her Bangladesh trip and stay till the 21st.


If we can all meet up, it'll be wonderful!:-)

I don't whether all cousins are the best people oon earth or not, but your comment is very true in Woodsmoke's case.:-)

I really am. She's such an angel.:-)