Saturday, July 05, 2008


'Sinjini Sengupta is suffering from a nervous problem', 'Sinjini Sengupta had participated in a reality show', 'Sinjini Sengupta was eliminated from it', 'Sinjini Sengupta is now in a Bangalore hospital', etc., etc., etc.

All this was being flashed on every news channel last Saturday. I, Sinjini Sengupta, saw the images of another Sinjini Sengupta in hospital, on TV last Saturday. Sinjini had participated in a dance reality show telecasted by ETV Bangla. She had been eliminated in one of the rounds. She had been so hurt that she actually had to be admitted to a hospital. The news channels were so happy and excited. They had got some hot news and had got the opportunity to criticize ETV Bangla, the judges of the concerned show and all reality shows. Serious talk shows were being held by each Bengali news channel to assess who was to blame for Sinjini's condition. People were sending SMSs and presenting their individual opinions about the problem. It had beome an all-India issue.

I became a bit irritated of all this. It did not give me a very nice feeling to see my own name being flashed every time, stating that I was sick. Personally, I felt and I still feel that it was her and her parents' fault. She already had that nervous problem. In that case, they should not have allowed her to participate at all.In a reality show, one can be eliminated in any round. There will be a lot of competition. Not just reality shows, there is a lot of competition in every field now. If one does not have the guts or the mental condition to face that competition or to bear the misery of being beaten, one does not have any right to participate in the battle. Under such a circumstance, one should should not be forced to participate either. If one's performance is not good in any episode, one can't expect the judges to smile at him/her and shower false praises. One will deliberately be criticized and that criticism can help one to improve in future and to learn from mistakes.

Having said all this, I must also add that I am feeling sorry for Sinjini. From the deepest corner of my heart, I hope she gets well very soon. After all, it's not every day that you see people who have the same name and surname as you and even study in the same class! Yeah, she is a Class XI student! And, since all these particluars of mine have matched with her, some people actually got a rude shock at first. Richa, one of my fellow bloggers, had thought at first that it was me. The dreamer, another fellow blogger actually asked me whether I was the same Sinjini Sengupta or not. My most favourite teacher at school, Shaluk Ma'am told me that she had got the shock of her life on opening the newspaper on Sunday morning. Our Bengali teacher, Ratna Ma'am said to me in class, " You're Sinjini Sengupta. Then, how come you're here? Hadn't you become sick?"

Well, let me confirm in this post that I am not that Sinjini Sengupta. I had learnt Kathak till I was in Class VIII. But, I never ever thought of participating in any dance reality show!


Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

It feels wierd to see the same name as yours on TV, doesnt it?
The clarification was due too.
Have a great weekend.

Rohit Talwar said...

I'm glad you didn't think of participating in any reality show. I could kill every producer. And the people who build up the TRPs. If the figures are to be believed, that is.

B. O'Hemian said...

That's why one should have a unique name (like me)!

On a serious note, what has happened is very unfortunate, and I hope she gets well soon. But I knew it was not you from your photographs and the other Sinjini's (all over the media now).

Reality show > TRP > Ads > Revenue generation. Aren't you there somewhere?

Woodsmoke said...

New photo...nice.
Good, opinionated post.

Ar kota din baki re?

~ Deeps ~ said...

i knew it was not u.......i hope she gets well soon but blame lies to both sets of people more to parents rather than any one else.

good post

~ Deeps ~ said...
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Butterfly said...

It really does feel weird!
Hope you had a great weekend too. It's almost over now.:-)

But, according to SubhadipDa, if you really are there somewhere, then sometimes, maybe you are not to be believed too?

Pardon me, Dada. But, your name itself is definitely not unique.:-)But,your name combined with your surname is unique.

Aar 16 din baki! :-D :-D :-D :-D
Aar duto saptaho konorokome katiye dite parlei, byas!

Glad you knew you wasn't me!:-)

@The one who has deleted his/her comment
Now, why did you do this?

Titash said...

I knew it wasn't you right from the beginning, reason being I follow your blog very sincerely and I read the post where you were very particular about how you spell your name as Sinjini and not "Shinjini" as the other girl was reported by mass media.

Another trivia, I read in the Times, one of her cousin has the name Sayantan. Again coincidentally a letter short.

Sinjini said...

Hi! Are you in class IX or in class XI?
--- a fellow Sinjini Sengupta (but not *that* Sinjini Sengupta) :-)

Amiya said...

It must feel so weird to have a name same as the one that's so much in controversy-ridden spotlight. But I knew it couldn't be you because of the way that name was spelt in Delhi papers (Shinjini) and the pic that they used to publish alongside reports. Also, I didn't know you are trained in classical dance too... if I did, there might still have been the slightest seed of doubt in my mind.

I used to adore and regularly follow the old Saregama, when it was hosted by Sonu Nigam and had rigorous classical music based rounds that contestants had to pass through (and some of them really passed these rounds spectacularly) and when it had really brilliant illustrious musicians as judges. Now with Himesh on this show, and every single person in the film industry on some or the other 'reality' show, it's become too tiring to even sit through most of these shows. Some are still okay though... so far.

Scribblers Inc said...

that was complex yaar...I thought I have a unique name but I got a message from someone on facebook that he had the same name as well!!As shakespeare puts it, whats in a name!!:)

Scribblers Inc.

Butterfly said...

Sayantan?Oh brother! Still, its good that its not Sayantani!

You're Sinjini Sengupta too? Oh my God!Oh my God!
I am in Class XI. If you're still in school, in which class are you?

@Amiya Didi
The entire atmosphere of the reality shows has become glamorous and as I have mentioned before, Himesh is irritating!

@Scribblers Inc
Your blogging name is surely unique.:-)
Welcome here, btw!

Anwesha said...

no place of mine here.. but I beg to differ from your opinion of the weaker ones among us.
Thing is, Shinjini isn't the only one who has a nervous problem, right?... Does that mean all such people are to be barred from proving their talent?.. Isn't it the system that has to be more organised and sensetive?

SPIRITed! said...

Hmm, that one one nice long opinionated post. By the way, I'm back from my blogging world sabbatical :)

Sinjini said...

Yes, I am, though not in school anymore, thankfully :-) I'm in fact quite a bit older than you are...

Butterfly said...

There should obviously be no specific rule about the weak ones being barred from taking part, but in today's world, the weak ones will have to instill minimum strength in them.

Good to see you again.:-)

Oh, I see!:-)

Sukanya Guhathakurta said...

Obviously it would not have been you because I guess your nervous system is quite strong!!

Butterfly said...

It is quite strong, I feel sometimes...

Sinjini said...

Ohh.. HI there! here's me, yet another Sinjini Sengupta, yours truly... was searching up google by my name and landed here, so am here just to say hello! ..and to all who doubt it, well I guess my (our) name is sufficiently unique.. and for whatsoever reasons, it has made it to the front page headlines, right? :)

Butterfly said...

Absolutely right! Our name really is unique and sounds so soothing. But, then, every individual's name is soothing to him/her. Even then, our name is different. :-)