Friday, December 31, 2010


So, here it is--the customary year ending blog post. A post reviewing the past year would seem rather common at this point of time, but I would never attempt my hands at anything different. That's because 2010 was the most memorable, challenging and strange year of my life. As it draws to a close, I cannot but sit and wonder at the way events unfolded in the last twelve months and demanded a host of plans and calculations and gave birth to a whole new set of emotions. I'm talking like this because the entire year brought changes with it--sudden, tricky ones and expected ones as well--and with them, my mentality changed too. There was the height of success at one point and a deep inferiority complex at another, when all that had seemed made of dreams became a harsh reality and I began to question that success itself. I seemed to be changing my like/dislike for poeple over a span of a week or two. When bad times came, I actually became bent on enjoying myself just because that is what I had intended to do during that period, instead of trying to understand the condition of those around me. But, I'm glad I recovered myself and learnt that happiness and light could be found naturally even in the darkest moments. I wouldn't have to force happiness upon myself or on others. Instead, supporting them should be my primary concern. Perhaps, support, cooperation and patience themselves combine to bring relief. A plethora of new faces got added to the album of my brain. But, in getting engaged with them, was I distancing myself from the old faces? Have I been able to fully connect with them yet ? If I have, then why was I so desperate to bring alive those old faces again? Why did I feel that I would almost die if stuck with these new faces for ten extra days?

I've had to deal with more sets of questions like the above and sometimes, a plain blankness of mind. The night before leaving my hometown with my bag and baggage, I swear that I didn't feel anything--no sadness, no excitement, not even the usual frenzied depth of my prayers. But, it's been memorable because I've been able to overcome many, if not all, of these challenges and questions. So, ultimately, I have felt happy-- very happy and satisfied with myself. The year was not satin smooth but it brought an immense measure of happiness at the end of every long tunnel. And in the case of those tunnels through which I'm still travelling, my eyes are all set on the next year. I'm ready to confront whatever lies at the end of every journey because 2010 has taught me to fight and believe in happiness itself. I want to thank God for adding a year such as this to my life.

I would like to wish everyone who is reading this post a very Happy New Year. May your lives take the happiest of turns!


R said...

Wish you the same! :) you sound so confident and in a pool of great energy. We'll be watching you become successful! Good luck.

Did I tell you I went to Edinburgh over Christmas and to the cafe where Rowling wrote the first Potter book? :P

newsgroups said...


I am afraid you speak in riddles to me. But don’t take that. I know this is not the place and I am not the person to get into details about this.
Yeah, the year surely has brought a change to you. But you’re having a enchanting life too. With friends and laughter, and doing crazy.
I recognize the part of missing the old faces. I have that too. We must trust that special persons are everywhere. And somehow life is one of hopping from one friend to the other.
Your sentence: “and learnt that happiness and light could be found naturally even in the darkest moments” struck me. I too have had the experience that I still could experience happy moments and enjoy myself in a dark period. Keep that in mind. This experience makes you strong en less afraid for new dark periods to come.
Thanks for the good wishes. I hope that 2011 will become splendid for you too!


Sayantani said...

Sort of unrelated but not really:
Have you read the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson, the Swedish writer?
First read the books and then watch the absolutely kick-ass movies.
And yes, Happy New Year.

Sayantani said...

Actually, I revise my previous comment. You might want to watch the movies and then read. This might be a case where the movies are better than the books.

Butterfly said...

You did? Wow! I feel so jealous...What was the place like? Did you post its pics on facebook?

It actually feels nice when people identify with my thoughts.:-)

@Tanni Didi
Ok, I'll try searching for them online and download them. :-)

R said...

Yes, they are on Facebook. Facebook has everything, remember?