Friday, April 16, 2010

Eating sessions!

I'm writing a post around ten days after my exams got over. So, what had I been doing all this time? I had been eating!

Yes, ever since my exam ended, that's how I seem to have spent 70% of my time. It all began last Wednesday, when I had a lot of ice-cream to taste the freedom of the post-exam days. On Saturday, we received an invitation from my mother's school friend and ate fish fries, a typical fry with butter filled inside( forgot the name), and potato fries and glasses of cold drinks. The fervour continued on Sunday afternoon, as I went for lunch with my parents and grandparents. We chose the buffet spread and got to have a wide range of dishes, from soup to noodles, chicken to prawn and lamb to crab. Even the dessert included fruits and mousse, apart from ice-cream. That was not the end though. The same evening, due to a bizarre string of incidents, my parents and I went to see my uncle, who's been sick for some days now. While the rest of us were engaged in a conversation, my aunt slipped into the kitchen and prepared puris for us. After a while, I lost count of the number of puris she had served me!

I again had dinner with my parents at McDonald's on the occasion of Bengali New Year. Besides, I enjoyed the great food prepared by my grandmother, on the day I spent at their place. Tomorrow, I will be going out with my friends and so, there are more eating sessions coming up. So, you can all understand by now that very soon, I'll put on weight!


Subhadip said...

Enjoy all the good food :)
Be cautious though; the weather is conducive to heavy eating.

Butterfly said...

Thanks for your concern. :-)

Scribbles! said...

Hey...visiting ur blog after a long was confusing with sayantani's butterfly..her blog didn't have ur link. anyway I found u :) nice finally ur exams are over... enjoy ur time off with all the eating... :D


Nanine said...
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newsgroups said...

Well, you are enjoying life I see! That’s good after all the study that you have done. It’s been said that brains consume much calories. So maybe you have lost weight during your exams, and are you just filling those gaps now.
Do you like to sport and to move? Or do you prefer to be busy inside house?

Butterfly said...

Hey, good to see you here. :-)

Really? That's good then. It means that I'm eating and at the same time, maintaining my weight unconsciously. :-)
Well, I don't particularly prefer any indoor or outdoor activity. Depending on the circumstances, I may prefer being indoors and keeping myself busy with books and the net, or I may go out with my parents or friends.