Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two people who mean a lot to me

And, those two people are my maternal grandparents(picture above). This March, I have not been reading books only although my previous two posts suggest so. I have also been visiting my dear grandparents regularly.
My grandmother is, without doubt, a very good cook and the dish which she is preparing in this picture is, specially, for me.:-)

My grandfather before lunch

My grandmother has a lovely garden and in this picture, you can see her caring for her pumpkin plant. For her, every job , no matter how big or small, has to be perfect with a capital P.

The picture above shows a pumpkin on my grandmother's pumpkin plant. She is very proud of her pumpkins now-a-days!


newsgroups said...

Lovely pictures!
Your grandparents look smart and lovingly. And also caring for what’s in their hands. When I read that your grandmother always likes to do her tasks perfect, it came as no surprise to me.
You have that habit too, haven’t you?
Nice to meet your grandparents (again).

Woodsmoke said...

You made my day.

Wonderful to see such amazing pictures of our common grandparents. They are both exceptional.

Thank you again for these pictures. Email more to me please.

Kanchan said...

The pictures are so nice and your grandparents seem to pamper you...
After reading your post I wished my grandparents were alive! My one regret is not spending enough time with them when they were around. It's great that you are meeting them so often - the lessons you will learn from them will stay with you all your life.

B. O'Hemian said...

Lovely :)
This was not a treat from your grandmother for your results, was it? Why don't you tell everyone here about the results?

Really liked the pictures. They are your grandparents in Salt Lake, right?

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Wonderful post about adoring grand-parents.Those special people who take our side when parents get a bit harsh :)

Nice meeting your grand-parents.

SPIRITed! said...


Dhrubo said...

your gran in the garden...beautiful.

AJAY DEB said...

hey sis nice pix .... i m never stay with my dadu and thakuma....[:)] u r very lucky that u r staying with ur dad and thakuma and that to be in Kolkata.... Really u r very lucky...[:)]anyways sis give my pronam to dadu, thakuma, kaku and kakema ... take care ... bye

AJAY DEB said...

Hey sis u r good Story writer... u r having very good collection... mostly people are doing time wast in trying to write a Blog... but you are the 1st one who is having good idea and complete knowledge for writing a Good and Nice Blog...


Butterfly said...

thanks :-)
Umm, I don't exactly have the habit of doing all things perfectly. I try to be accurate in everything I do, but I am not as perfect as my grandmother...I'm not always succesful like her in managing everything perfectly.

:-)You are most welcome. ok, I'll email the rest of the pics to you, although there are only three more, I think.

I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't spend much time with your grandparents. They really are great treasures of someone's life.:-)

Yes, they are my grandparents in Salt Lake. Yeah, this was a sort of treat for my results...
I'm not interested in telling everyone about this result. I mean, I want to tell everyone when I get such marks and better marks in my ISC exam. After all, that's much more important and that deserves more applause than this one...:-)



Thanks. :-)

@Ajay Deb
Thanks bro.:-)
But, these are not the pics of my dadu and thakuma, but of my dadu and didima. And, its supernice of you to give the elders your pronam, that too, on your very first visit to my blog. I'll convey it to them.
Then again, I can't and shouldn't at all agree with you that I'm the first person who has complete knowledge for writing a good post about stories. You should also go through the blogs of my friends here. I'm sure some they are hundred times better then me in writing.:-)