Sunday, August 17, 2008

A day of the bloggers, by the bloggers and for the bloggers

Woodsmoke mentioned in her comment on my last post that of late, whenever she has visited my blog, she has felt like a celebrity. Well, after reading this post,I'm not sure whether she's going to feel like one again because this time, there will be other celebrities also.

Rohit, a dear fellow blogger, came to Kolkata late on Thursday night to meet my cousin. This morning, he came to our house along with SubhadipDa, another fellow blogger. Then, Woodsmoke arrived too, with her sibling and my cousin, AriD. Now, AriD's a blogger too. So, we, the five great bloggers, went to Vedic Village, a resort just on the outskirts of Kolkata. Instead of wasting much time there seeing the other things and admiring the greenery they have tried to maintain there, we straightaway entered the restaurant, Bhoomi. It was a very nice place for having lunch. We(except Rohit) had rice, moong dal,mixed vegetable, mourala fish wrapped in banana leaves, prawn, mutton and two kinds of sweets. Rohit only took a very small quantity of rice, a very small quanity of dal ,an even smaller quantity of vegetable, only one type of sweet and nothing else.I was rather surprised because after reading his blog, I had somehow felt that this guy really loves to eat. I don't know when'll be the next time that I'll meet someone who eats lesser than him! Anyway, nothing was wasted because AriD was there to help the others finish off everything. During the meal, we only heard him asking us to pass some item or the other to him. And, he was sitting next to Rohit! So, there were two people sitting close to each other of whom, one's plate was almost empty and other's was completely full!

I don't know what the others will think about this, but according to me, the journey was more enjoyable than the lunch. I was my usual self all the while, talking extremely less. I obviously was teased about it but I enjoyed Rohit's and SubhadipDa's funny expressions when I talked very softly, even when I did talk. But, I also want to mention here that although the two of them talked more than I did, they are not the kind of people who go on talking. They, too, are rather quiet, specially SubhadipDa and, Rohit's voice is very low. AriD has always been a man of few words. He actually fell asleep during our return journey.So, the only person who literally talked non-stop today, was my dear sister (as she always does, of course)!

The Rohit that I had imagined after reading his posts, was definitely not the Rohit whom I met today. But, this was only our first meet. So, I'll get to know more about him after him after this. I hope we'll become more friendly after this. Maybe then, I'll be able to relate him with his blog. Today's impression is that he is a really nice guy...a bit shy but definitely, the type of person I like.

To describe SubhadipDa in two words, he is handsome and serious. Today, he was our guide and he was quite serious about his job. At the same time, that calm expression and light smile were always lingering on his face and he too, has got a good sense of humour. Overall, he is also very good and really good looking and to a good extent, I could relate him with his blog.

To conclude, the day was splendid and the other four bloggers will keep on popping up in front of me tomorrow, no matter where I go or what I do. I can imagine how many times I'll laugh to myself in the bus tomorrow remembering today's jokes( still haven't figured out why this happens so frequently to me in a bus only)!


carabou said...

The foodstuff seems to be quite mouth-watering.Rohitda,Subhadipda,Woodsmoke and AriD surely humourous,and you too!

~ Deeps ~ said...

hmm nice.....i heard about it....dont go by first impression of RT :D

dont tell me i didnt warn u :)

newsgroups said...

Nice to meet up! I have met up with people I only know from the internet too, and at the first time that you meet them mostly people appear to be different than you had imagined. That converges when time passes by and you meet more often.
I am curious: Was it a planned meeting, or did you gather together by accident, and then decided to go out which the whole group?
I was surprised to read that you have a sister. Somehow I had imagined you not having siblings. Is she older or younger than you?
I must say that I lost track of the people, sorry. Can you please sum up who exactly did join in going to Vedic Village?
Greetings! nanny

B. O'Hemian said...

Now I feel like a celebrity with a capital C!!!

It was fun meeting Aritro and you for the first time. The lunch was great, and your observation about Rohit's eating is most accurate.

You only talked in very low volume, when you were asked a question. That too in monosyllables and short phrases.

And I am serious? Look who's talking!

Rohit Talwar said...

Had a great time myself as well. And ok, I get the point in italics, but I don't eat much and then, I'd had breakfast that morning, which I normally don't! And I really enjoyed the chorchori and rice. Whatever little quantity I had by everyone's standards. x-(

But yeah, you ARE really quiet for a school going kid. Probably a good thing. Not sure. And we were eventually trying hard to make you talk, so we would at least know more about you other than how you smile. That's pretty much all you did before we left Bhoomi. Erm.

Dadu is indeed a good guide. I bet he is never going to be unemployed - the way he showed me around was nothing less than a professional.

Hope to catch you next soon, with you having more to talk and you know, just not follow what others are saying. And carry on with the drawing. Would love to see some of that stuff some day. :)

Titash said...

It happens a lot with me, many people we meet or know online are very different than we imagine them to be!

Woodsmoke said...

The little respect that the blogging community possibly had for me is all gone thanks to your incisive point about my non-stop talking. :)
Glad you had a good time. Now, perhaps you should be at the helm of affairs when it comes to organizing meets for bloggers in Kolkata.

Butterfly said...

The food indeed was mouth-watering!


No, it was a planned meeting.
And, you are a bit confused...I don't have a sister. While writing about my cousin in this post, I used the word 'sister' for her instead of using the word 'cousin'.
The people who went to Vedic Village were Woodsmoke, who is my cousin, AriD, who is also my cousin and Woodsmoke's sibling, Rohit and SubhadipDa, who are our fellow bloggers and I myself.:-)

Next time, hopefully, I'll talk more!

Talking less is not at all a good thing...I have realized that myslef and yet, I haven't been able to change my habit. Just hope that I'll change it some day.


Sure! Next time I'll guide you all!