Monday, March 31, 2008


Butterfly said...

This picture shows myself and my cousin Woodsmoke in October 2002. Was just testing how to post pictures on by blog...

~ Deeps ~ said...

cute pic..........

Woodsmoke said...

This is in Big Chill, right?
Ancient ancient times...six years ago seems such a long time away. It was nice to be able to go back for a while though...thanks to you.

Amiya said...

Such a sweet, happy pic! You're looking too sweet & pretty for words :)

(Try putting up a slightly bigger version though? This shows up quite small in the post, though of course you can click on the pic to enlarge it.)

Titash said...

Your face looks paler than your teeth!

joking, the contrast of the photo is a bit high!

Looking great, anyway!

Butterfly said...


Yes, that is in Big Chill.
Thanks to me? Then, I'll try posting more ancient pictures.:-)

@Amiya Didi
Thank You.:-)
And, from the next time, I'll post bigger versions.

You are right. The contrast of the photo is a bit high. Anyway, thanks for the compliment!:-)

Rohit Talwar said...


And SayanDi without her glases! :O

Butterfly said...

Surprised? :-)