Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fun at school

Two very funny incidents took place at school today.

Ayan, my classmate went to the school canteen and bought a chicken roll during the recess. He sat down alone on a bench and thought that he would enjoy the roll all by himself.But, he should have known that there was something totally different in store for him. A few others(Arka, Shubhronil and Souradeep) started teasing him and demanded that the roll be shared. Arka even tore off a portion of the roll without Ayan’s permission and ate it. All this while, everybody was having a laugh except for poor Ayan. At one stage, he became so angry that he threw the half-eaten roll out of the window. Seeing that, the others were simply delighted and they started irritating him even more. His Maths book was on the desk. They swung the book in front of his nose and told him to throw it away too. But, they didn’t know that he would take them so seriously. And, he actually threw the book out of the window! Then, he turned totally red in anger and tore up another copy! But, the smiles had not quite faded from the others faces. His behaviour was really funny (at least, that’s what we thought).But, Ayan was really lucky as his Maths book fell on the playground and was recovered.

After the Ayan Episode, came the Tube light Episode (also during recess). Some of the boys were playing with a paper ball. Suddenly, one of them failed to catch it properly and threw it backwards with the tips of his fingers. It went and hit one of the tube lights. And smash! What a noise that was! The tube light came smashing down onto the floor. It was broken into 2 halves and one of the broken halves was broken into a thousand tiny pieces. It was not just the tubelight though. The board on which it remains fixed broke too. Luckily, it didn’t fall on anyone’s head. They all escaped well on time. And, that is why we could laugh. How could a paper ball have broken a glass tube?


Subhadip said...

This guy (let's call him Azhar) can throw a paper ball backwards with his fingertips and break the tubelight? Wow! He should be India cricket team's next fielding coach!

Chitrangada said...

I miss my School n college days :(

but yes tube light episode was nasty :)

n update on ur request :)

Woodsmoke said...

I feel sorry for poor Ayan. Somebody should have stuck up for him. What role did you have to play in that episode?
Tubelight incident is very intriguing. Again, did you have any role to play in it?

Aarbee said...

Oh sounds like SO much fun. We broke a lot of lights, twisted fans' blades, broke furniture and got blasted by our headmaster too. :P
As long as the last bit doesn't happen, it's loads of fun. :)

~ Deeps ~ said...

i dont like the first episode....kind of sad.......but the second sounds really funny and weird.......

Amiya said...

Poor Ayan! How I miss school days, I've been on the perpetrators' side of affairs so many times. Sigh.

And really, how could a paper ball have broken a glass tube?!

Rohit Talwar said...

OH MAN. You never stop it. Keep talking about school time. HMPH.

Heh, it used to be so much fun. They even took our badges once. Those days.
We even managed to break the fan once. Don't ask how. Just happened. :D

Butterfly said...

@Subhadip Da
The guy's name is Somnath. India's next fielding coach? Nah. He just threw the ball accidentally.:-)

@Deepti Di
Thanks for updating on my request.:-)

I did not have any role to play in any of the two episodes. I was just one of the many amused spectators.:-)

Did you really break all those things? I must say you had the guts. :-)

Well, first episode was not as sad as you think. It's true that nobody supported Ayan, but that was because we thought he was over-reacting. Ayan himself had started smiling from the next period.:-)

@Amiya Didi
You were on the perpetrators' side? For some reason, I can't imagine how you could have been so naughty.:-)

Why? Is there any problem if I talk about my school time? It is such an important part of my life now. When I'll pass out of school, I'll probably never talk about it.
Nobody takes away our badges. But the worst punishment has got to be standing in front of the Teachers' Room all day long.:-)

Kanu said...

reading about your school episodes kinda transport me to the time when life was so without complications...it was life without worry and somehow good. Now I can't go back to that time...

God Bless you kido...enjoy this time...May your life be filled with happiness.

And Happy Durga Puja...

dhrubo jyoti said...

what happened to ayan makes me feel kinda sad..especially becuz the same thing used to happen to me all the time when i was in school.but yes,the tube light thing,completely hilarious.my pals broke lots of hings in school,but with a paper ball???never!
school is always the best time of anyone's life...

Butterfly said...

Thanks a lot.:-)
And yes, I really enjoyed myself during Durga Puja.Today is Bijoya Dashami/Dusshera. So, Shubho Bijoya to u.:-)

@Dhrubo jyoti
The same thing used to happen to you too? I feel sad for you then....In which school did you study anyway?
School is indeed the best time of anyone's life.:-)
Btw, Shubho Bijoya.

Jayant said...

Wow, this Ayan guy has no sense of humour or what? Tell him to take it easy.
A paper ball broke a tubelight? AND the board supporting it? Whoa! :O
Reminds me of my school days and all the nasty things we used to do, and get away with. :) Yeah, getting away was the fun part. :D

Titash RC said...

Me last!

Like Kanu said, the post made me transcend to days I used be dennis at school.

Though I've never lost my cool when people chose to get on my nerve..

Happy Bijoya and sorry for being late!

Aaarti said...

hmmm. interesting...made me reminisce abt my school days... no tube light breaking, but yea we sure had fun~~:)

Aarbee said...

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Hope this helps. In case it doesn't, let me know. I will try to find a better way of explaining.

Averruncus said...

hey dere!!
funny incident really!! u will be quite surprised to know that sumthing very similar to these lines happened to me last month..

PS the little difference was that we were using the real ball.. hehhe!!

Butterfly said...

Well, actually Ayan does not have any sense of humour.:-)

Yeah, u're almost last!
But, Happy Bijoya!:-)

Yes, school days are always fun.:-)

Thanks a lot for ur help.:-)
I tried all the things that you told me.But, sadly my pictures lacked some quality due to which they were not published. Anyway, I'll try again after some days. But, Thanks a lot.

Wow! What a coincidence!
So, why did you use the real ball anyway?:-)